10 Reasons Why Solar Street Lights are the Future

The future of solar power lighting looks brighter (pun intended) in recent years due to its increasing popularity and widespread use around the country. This sudden push for solar energy is fueled by decreasing cost of silicon panels and heightened awareness about clean energy sources available to consumers. If you’re wondering why you should use solar street lights instead of the alternatives, here are 10 reasons why solar is the future of commercial energy.

1. Cost Effectiveness:solar lighting saves money  

Solar is booming due to the numerous benefits it offers to consumers. One of the main benefits of solar lies in the cost-effectiveness because it’s a natural, virtually unending source of energy. In a comparison of solar street lights against traditional lighting, it was found that solar street lighting systems save an average of $3000 over ten years due to a stark difference in initial installation and long term energy costs.

2. Cheaper than Alternatives:

The price of solar has been rapidly declining over the past 5 years, which has spurred huge investment in the renewable energy sector. In fact, solar energy is now cheaper than fossil fuels thanks to the developing technology of solar around the world.

3. Longer Lifespan:solar lighting battery  

The average commercial solar lighting system contains two main components that require regular maintenance for optimal effectiveness: the LED lamps and the battery. Because of their durability and smart technology, the LED lights have a lifespan up to 100,000 hours, while the battery is typically rated to last 5-7 years. That’s quite a long time to use the sun’s energy!

4. Lower Maintenance:

Outdoor solar lighting requires less maintenance compared to conventional solutions, which overall would decrease the time and money spent on lighting projects. If you’ve ever wondered who the largest benefactors are for solar lighting, it is typically those with large scale, commercial projects that value cost effectiveness and low maintenance of these lights.  

5. Carbon Reduction:environmentally friendly

The effects of mankind’s anthropogenic activity is startling, as we are witnessing the immediate effects everyday through climate change. Since solar street lights produce their own energy, they are a clean source of energy that have no carbon emissions–as opposed to as fossil fuels–overall decreasing our dependence on nonrenewable resources. Thus, implementation of these lights would reduce our carbon footprint and lead to a more sustainable world.

6. Security:solar lighting for security

A solar street light uses powerful LED lights that provide maximum lighting and visibility at night. Durable and effective, this lighting solution increases security and deters crime that commonly happens in low lighting areas. People that benefit greatly from commercial solar lighting are those who want to ensure the safety and security of their building or business at all hours during day and night.

7.  Tax Incentives:solar lighting tax incentives

More businesses are utilizing commercial solar energy to gain the numerous tax benefits available to them by the government. More specifically, startups are embracing solar power to take advantage of the incentives offered by the government to acquire more capital and reduce costs for their business.

8. Increased Industry Usage:

In recent years, many institutions are finally recognizing the untapped potential of solar energy. In particular, many industries in the United States have implemented technologies on a grand scale to improve their business; some examples of industries that can benefit from solar include the manufacturing, commercial, and agricultural industry.

9. Scalability:

Most projects with commercial solar lights are conducted on a small scale such a business or public park; however, solar can be used on almost any scale thanks to its flexibility. Morocco and the European Union are harnessing the power of the sun on a large scale in order to power public areas as well.

10. Future Plans:

As awareness of the drastic nature of climate change and our carbon footprint have increased in the past few years, investment in solar has skyrocketed. State governments such as California, who implemented a solar mandate to a solar installation on new housing, are transforming the way they see and use energy to decrease reliance on nonrenewable energy sources. The International Energy Agency predicts that solar power will make up 16% of the world’s electricity by 2050 if we continue on this path. To see more about the vast potential of solar energy, learn here how solar powered states could provide enough energy to power everything from cars to New York City if they were just one giant solar panel.


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