Why Solar

100% Off-Grid

Solar lighting is reliable and is the best choice for areas that do not have easy access to the grid. It delivers excellent lighting powered through the sun and charged battery can last 3-6 autonomy days.


Solar lighting system does not require trenching and running conduit, saving tremendous cost up front. On average, the traditional grid-tied lighting system cost $70/ square foot. Solar lighting saves you big and does no damage to existing infrastructure and green space.

Easy Installation

Solar lighting fixtures are easy to install and come in one package. The system does not have wires and can run off-grid at remote places, hence it is a great alternative to grid-tie street lights.


There are no copper wires in the ground between lights, which reduced vandalism and theft that often happen in public space. All products are constructed of high quality aluminum and galvanized steel to stand the test of time.

Environmentally Friendly

Bring positive impact to the environment by using renewable energy to power the lights. Choose smart technology to build your community.

Tax Credit

Claim the 30% Federal Tax Credit that are available to commercial customers. State and local government also offer tax benefits for commercial and residential customers. Consult with our solar experts today.

Low maintenance

Solar lighting system require very little maintenance. It also protects you from copper wire theft and helps avoid infrastructure repairs.

Community Benefits

Enhance safety and reduce roadway accidents in your community. Solar powered LED lighting keeps your community lit for longer hours and helps increase activities and security in the neighborhood.


Professional Consultation

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