Solar Parking Lot Lighting Project in Grand Junction

This project was located at a Subaru dealership in Grand Junction, Colorado. For this particular project our client was experiencing high electricity bills using HPS lights on his lot. The owner of the lot wanted to make the switch not only to save money but to help with the ongoing green movement in the city of Grand Junction. We first talked about retrofitting the existing poles but were later advised that the complete system with our poles were the best solution according to our client. 


We provided him with a mock 3D simulation and thermal rendering with our 80 watt LED system that we decided would fit best in his lot for the budget that he provided us with. Greenshine was able to amply light his lot with 9 solar lights due to proper planning and light location. The solar lights have also caught the attention of the city and have cause quite a bit of excitement around town.


Greenshine New Energy can provide engineering work for your specific project. Based on your brightness requirements and our own calculations, we can help you in designing the location and orientation of the solar light poles in order to achieve the best performances.

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