LED Solar Lighting Systems

With a simple but elegant design, the Brighta solar lighting system delivers in both reliability and durability. This led solar light is ideal for park lighting, pathway lighting, parking lot lighting, street lighting, security lighting, and corporate complex lighting.

The Supera Series solar lighting pole features a 60 – 80 watt LED fixture with 2 solar panels. Designed to withstand the harshest of weather changes and 7 days of autonomy from it’s gel deep cycle batteries, the Supera is an amazing solar LED light choice for your park lighting, pathway lighting, parking lot lighting, securit lighting, and street lamps.

The Lumina series features incredible decorative design with the most advanced LED lamp on the market.  Built with a durable aluminum frame to withstand harsh weather conditions and strong winds, the Lumina series is both a joy to look at and  an aesthetically-pleasing lighting solution. This solar LED lighting system is perfect for park lighting, pathway lighting, parking lot lighting, security lighting, and street lamps.

Incredible looks and reliability make this a perfect choice for your solar park lighting or pathway lighting. The Lita Series features a 9 to 14 foot pole with an LED fixture powered by a state-of-the-art, energy efficient LED driver. Keep them stunned with the power of the sun.

With its modern yet retro appearance, slick design and finish, the Classica solar LED light fuses our latest solar energy technology to give you the best results and looks possible. Add a touch of class and reliability to your solar park lighting and pathway lighting by installing Classica solar led lighting systems.

The industry’s first and only above-ground Portable Solar Light! Perfect for temporary projects, construction sites, roadwork or events where light is needed in different locations. Order today for your street work, temporary pathway lighting, parking lot lighting, or as an addition to your site or concert’s security and perimeter lighting.

The small, discreet Bollard Series solar LED lighting system is perfect for residential and commercial pathway applications. With zero trenching or wiring, this solar lighting system works incredibly for a variety of needs. Excellent for solar pathway or park lighting!

The Mobile Solar Tower comes in a variety of configurations to meet your specific lighting and operating profile requirements. Silent and sleek, this mobile solar lighting system requires no maintenance and includes a battery that lasts 5-7 years. With the most advanced LED lighting system on the market, our Mobile Solar Tower is perfect for solar perimeter security lightingparking lot lighting, and pathway lightiong.

Our Solar Power Generator uses highly efficient combination of solar panels, batteries, and a charge controller mounted on a single, direct bury steel pole; it provides all your power needs without the noise pollution of traditional generators. Perfect for construction projects, concert events, or off-the-grid living. Order today to use for solar street lighting, pathway lighting, parking lot lightingsecurity lighting, and park lighting!

Solar light system installations