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Phillips Landing, a dedicated wildlife park that gives boaters access to Nanticoke River in Laurel, Delaware, was upgrading their amenities to allow more floating docks and kayak launches. Part of the expansion included a paved parking area and small stone path. However, there wasn’t sufficient lighting for the expansions, and the area was far too remote to pull any sort of power to the grounds. The project costs were projected to reach over a million dollars already, and so cost-effective methods were on the radar. It just so happened that the project managers selected Greenshine’s solar LED lights for their park lighting solutions since often times boaters like to leave before dawn and return after sundown.


Our installation of Type III Brighta solar LED lights was perfect for the park area since the cost of trenching for power would have been prohibitive (potentially adding several thousands of dollars more to an already expensive project). Plus, connecting lights to power would have been disruptive for commuters and not very practical for the grounds, either. Trenching would have damaged the park grounds and likely would have required park closure for a long while. With the solar LED lights, the project was finished quickly. Everyone now can safely enjoy the expansion of the park at all hours that the park is open, and boaters can come and go with adequate lighting for their needs. That’s how Greenshine New Energy operates–evaluating a project, quoting a customer an economical price for the project, and then finishing the project within a timely manner.

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