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silverlake armory solar lighting

About The Project

Silverlake Armory is considered to be a historical site of great value, but the lighting in the area wasn’t sufficient for the armory’s 24/7 operations which were crucial in the JCNTF (Joint Counter Narcotics Task Force) Mission for the Arizona Department of Emergency Services (DEMA). Because the site was historical, the grounds couldn’t be dug into to install lighting, and the always-on operations for the armory weren’t best for groundwork.


Greenshine designed a lighting system from the ground up that used 4 solar-powered 60W flood lights that were centrally located inside a parking canopy. Each corner of the canopy held an SPG-300 60W light with a 45-degree angle and a 15 degree tilt to give sufficient lighting coverage to each corner of the Armory Parking and Maintenance locations.


The lighting solutions require no maintenance and are self-sufficient in powering the grounds for the armory. Non-intrusive installation and a cost-sufficient result were the largest two results for the Greenshine lighting solution. Thankfully, the armory was able to continue their operations without problems of downtime. We like to attribute that to solid design and thoughtful planning with our lighting systems–just a few more reasons why Greenshine is worth the investment in lighting projects.

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