Floor & Decor | Parking lot SOLAR LIGHTING

Floor and Decor Trusts in Greenshine’s Solar Parking Lot Light Systems

About The Project

Lighting Type: Commercial LED Parking Lot Lights

Year of Completion: 2018

Series: 16 Supera60s 

City: Burlingame, CA

The Story

Floor & Decor required installation for lighting in a short time frame. Their store was scheduled to open soon and available options were slim. They faced several problems with their unique situation which included a 16’ height regulation and an inability to tear up the concrete to install lighting, because they shared their parking lot with neighboring businesses. They needed a lighting solution to fit within these narrow restrictions that still provided 3 Foot Candle brightness since they couldn’t compromise on light within the parking lot.

Greenshine got to work quickly on a design that fit the Burlingame city regulations and still met the necessary lighting requirement. Our Custom Supera 60W commercial LED parking lot lights fit Floor & Decor’s narrow specifications. The solar technology was a relief to Floor & Decor since it wasn’t necessary to dig into the concrete and risk turning neighboring businesses into upset parking lot rivals.

Floor and Decor were able to open their store on time with proper lighting that respected neighboring businesses and created a safe area for their customers to commute. We’re sure their management is happy they were able to open a store on time by using some of our lighting solutions. That’s just the kind of business we’re in—taking lighting problems and fixing them in a timely manner.

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