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A Guide to Answer Questions Everyone has about Solar Street Lights

Technology isn’t simple, but that doesn’t mean using it can’t be. We’re sure that any new technology comes with a bevy of questions for the user.  The same goes for outdoor solar lighting! Some people are unaware of the specifics of this new energy product. So, at Greenshine New Energy, we compiled list of some of our customers’ most burning questions about how this new technology works and how you can benefit from purchasing it.

Do outdoor solar lights work in the dark or during the winter time?

Yes! Solar outdoor lights do work in the winter. While there is a common misconception that solar lights only work while its sunny, our outdoor solar lights are still highly efficient in the winter time. We’ve rated them to be up to 50 percent efficient in overcast or winter-time weather. Solar panels are active in most kinds of weather, including cloudy and snowy days. If there is snowfall, make sure to brush the snow off the panel to prevent malfunctions and disturbances in the future. To learn more about solar lighting in the winter, check out this article on how solar panels work in the winter.

How did the idea of a solar street light begin?

Solar technology developed in the mid 19th century when William Grylls Adams discovered the photovoltaic effect–sunlight strikes a surface and converts the light into energy. Thus began the invention of solar power and progression of the technology. The evolution of outdoor lighting came in stages, transforming from a simple gas powered lamp to advanced LED lights with smart technology. When LED lamps were paired with solar to create solar LED lighting, the technology saw a new horizon combining low prices with high effectiveness. These lights cut energy use by 80%, revolutionizing the energy industry and paving a path towards a universal, clean, and cheap method to power our devices every day.

What are the most common ways to use outdoor solar lights?

While installing outdoor solar lighting is a great idea for anyone, we have compiled a list of the most beautiful and functional uses of solar lighting. Depending on your needs, solar lighting is great for illuminating a parking lot, pathway, bikelane, highway, airport, landscape, or even a hospital. It is also extremely popular to use as perimeter lighting for a boat dock, storage yard, military base, or business to ensure secure lighting and provide a safe passageway for people during night-time.

How do you install an outdoor solar light?

Installing an outdoor solar light is simpler than you may think, but there are many steps in the process. Before initial installation, figure out what type of area where your installation will reside, and then match it with the appropriate lighting system. Make sure to angle the panel correctly and configure the sensors for optimal solar energy gathering. Our team of engineers can provide guidance on any configurations and will act as a point of reference throughout the entire process. Then, we’ll work with you to install the light and ensure all functionalities are working properly–operation, energy storing, and full manipulation for each user. For more information and tips on outdoor lighting installation, check out these articles on installing solar pathway lights. The same basic principles apply to all outdoor solar lighting systems.

What are the main benefits of solar outdoor lighting?

Solar outdoor lights provide countless benefits to consumers and business owners as they are energy efficient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly. These lights typically produce more light at a significantly lower cost than conventional commercial lights, with an average saving of $3000 over ten years. Additionally, the ecological impact of these lights are minimal. These lights fill two needs with one deed–they save money and reduce carbon footprint, so you can feel great about fattening the wallet while saving the environment! They’re a great alternative to traditional lighting sources.

How do you calibrate the solar panel to ensure maximum efficiency?

We’ve got people for that! Our crack team of engineers will determine the precise angle for the solar panels that will generate the most energy during any day so that you will receive proper lighting–even during the darkest days of winter. In one of our previous projects for the elementary school in the Marshall Islands, we installed a Brighta Series that included a Smart Saving Energy Mode that produced different lighting intensity based on the time of day and circumstances–the lights lasted nearly a week without proper sunlight! That’s just one example how our products are fit for any lighting needs.

We hope our short guide is enough to understand more about how solar functions and the benefits you get from using the cheapest energy source around–the sun. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions and have a wonderful day.

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