How to Clean Solar Panels: A Brief Guide on Solar Panel Maintenance

solar panel repair and solar panel maintenance and how to clean a solar panel

We would be lying to you if we said equipment lasts forever. We wish it could, but sadly the nature of equipment is that it will eventually fail. Wear, tear, and time effect equipment of all sorts, and sadly nothing is invincible. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t extend the life of something through proper preventative maintenance. That same rule thankfully applies to lighting fixtures of all sorts. If you’re thinking about making the jump to solar-powered lighting, we’ve prepared a must-read for you to understand how to properly do solar panel maintenance so your investments and purchase cycles last longer. Some of the facts about maintenance are actually simpler than you might realize.

Details on Solar Panel Maintenance

The Good News: There isn’t Much Solar Panel Cleaning Required

You’ll be happy to know that your investment doesn’t need much maintenance to begin with! Some of the biggest reasons are because solar panels are self-standing and aren’t connected to each other–unlike Christmas lights, where if one goes out, the rest of them go out too. If you’re mainly concerned with how to clean solar panels, you might think that you’ll need some special cleaning solution or that there’s some cleaning contraption you’ll need to drop a few hundred dollars on to properly clean the panel.

Nope! Solar panel cleaning takes soap and water! We’re happy to stand by a product that does some complex stuff behind the scenes–literally turning light into power–that requires little effort in cleaning. If your solar LED lights are in rain-heavy areas, let mother nature do most of the cleaning for you. If you’re in an arid climate, you might need an occasional de-dusting or heavier cleaning cause of rogue leaves or pesky birds in the area relieving themselves on the panel.  And if dirt just gets caked on for whatever reason, a simple brush with soap will do. Other than that, cleaning is a breeze. You just need to reach the panel and light. We’ll leave that task up to you. It’s best to clean when the panels aren’t in direct light or heat so water doesn’t evaporate quickly.

Snow, Rain, Wind–an Unkind Mother Nature

Weather isn’t your best friend when it comes to proper solar panel maintenance. A thin layer of snow on the panels can spell doom to the energy stored for the lights. We’re here to give you a few tips on how to properly combat weather so it doesn’t combat your solar investment.

In regards to snow, climbing a ladder nearby and using a brush should do the trick. If you’re not able to climb, throw a light-impact ball towards the panel and that should jar the panel enough to knock snow loose. As far as wind, rest assured that the poles the solar lights are constructed with are rated for high winds–we don’t make our poles out of some flimsy aluminum. Worry not about wind. And the glass over the panel shields the panel from pelting rain. Rain actually cleans the panel off anyhow, so nature sometimes hands you a favor when dark clouds come rolling in.

Solar Panel Repair: When Things Go Bad

As before, sometimes technology goes bad–it’s just Murphy’s Law. Solar panel repair is necessary at times, but it’s important to know that there are warranties that are offered for panels. Instead of diving into unknown territory with repair, check with your supplier to ensure everything is still under warranty.

Greenshine New Energy has 10-year warranties on our panels integrated into our lighting kits, so even if your favorite band goes out of style within the next decade, we’ll be there to help you out. Contact us for more information about going solar.

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