Is it Possible to Re-Use Existing Poles and Concrete Bases From Old Lights?

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So you’re probably here because you already have a lighting system in place. Perhaps something happened and now your entire light infrastructure has gone out due to one small mishap in the wiring, or perhaps the whole shebang is kaput. The wallet is slim and so are your options, so you want to keep the existing poles without installing new ones. The good news is that yes, you can “retro-fit” solar powered pole lights onto existing poles. The bad news is not with every pole.

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If You’re Not Using a Solar Lamp Post…

What matters most is in the construction of the light fixtures. Our solar light fixtures are behemoths that are normally built with poles that can withstand temperature changes and 140 MPH wind gusts–we’re not talking some flimsy foundation here. So if there’s a retro-fit operation to be done instead of using commercial solar light posts, it’s a viable job if the original pole is built like a brick house–wood or concrete poles from city installations fare well. Poles from older light installations aren’t as viable, and if the foundation isn’t solid, the pole won’t be either.

If there are still burning questions if you want to move to a full solar installation, feel free to contact us and ask about your current situation. We’re willing to work with you on whatever solar light installation you need, so if you have sturdy poles in place for a retro-fit installation, excellent! If your old lighting system looks like a strong gust of wind can knock it over, we can provide better options to see your project revived and completed. After all, if you’re going to invest in solar, it’s important to ensure it can withstand what mother nature may throw at it. We’re Greenshine New Energy, where poles aren’t monkey business to us. Contact us for more information.

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