volta Solar Lighting System

Announced in 2018, the Volta solar wrapped pole is sleek and efficiently designed – featuring a 20 ft., square pole with solar panels wrapped around the shaft for a more natural look. The Volta is best applicable for parking lots, streets, pathways, and park lighting projects, and it is perfect for areas that prefer the traditional look of a street light. The Volta’s solar panel wrapped pole is fully customizable to any design specifications.


Greenshine’s Volta, our stylish new solar wrapped pole, stands 20ft tall and is a Type II/Type III IES lighting type, making it ideal for parking lot, street, pathway, and park lighting projects since it seamlessly blends in with the environment. It produces a circular distribution of light of uniform intensity, which results in an even lighting effect. The solar panels are wrapped around the shaft of the pole, providing a more natural appearance.


The Volta features the most advanced LED on the market, a CREE XPG-3 with a luminaire efficiency above 130 lumens per watt. The gel batteries provider reliable, long-lasting lifetime cycling. Our Volta models also have IP68 solar charge controllers for installation in harsh-weather environments. These help guard your Volta from damage due to overcharging.


As with all of our lights, the Volta models are designed with corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel poles. The LEDs have optical grade PMMA lenses, which provide amazing resistance to weathering effects such as abrasion, as well as sturdy die-cast aluminum frames.

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Lights fixture wattage

20W | 30W | 40W




20′ Galvanized Steel Pole


120Ah | 150Ah GEL Battery


Type: II, III, V


Up to 7 days

IDA approved

Recommended fixtures

GS-LED-260 – an architecturally pleasing LED light fixture with a round form and dome-shaped top.

GS-LED-290 – a “Cobra Head” style light fixture with modern style elements.

GS-LED-NSB – a square form LED light fixture with sleek sloped top line.


solar street lighting brighta series
solar led street light supera series
pathway and park solar streetlight NBS series

case studies

Camp Pendleton, San Diego, CA

Silverlake Armory, Tucson, AZ


greenshine park led solar street lights
greenshine street led solar street lights
led solar parking lot lights
greenshine security led solar street lights
solar powered park lighting

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