Greenshine Introduces new volta Solar Wrapped Pole


Lake Forest, California – Greenshine New Energy is proud to announce the new Volta solar wrapped pole. Sleek and efficiently designed, the Volta features a 20ft. square pole with solar panels wrapped around the shaft for a more natural look.


“It is huge step for green technology. We wanted a solar lighting system that was more aesthetically pleasing but still provided the same energy efficiency,” said Scott Douglas, Greenshine’s president of sales. “By taking the panel from the top and wrapping it around the pole, it gives the customer a green solution to their lighting needs while making it more appealing to the eye.”


This product was introduced in response to the rapid growth of the solar lighting industry as it is projected to reach $5 billion in revenue by 2024 according to Global News Wire. This dramatic increase is due to the fact that solar lighting is suited for a wide range of applications, remains off the main grid, and proves to be more cost effective than standard LED lighting. As an environmentally sustainable option, consumers can dually reduce their carbon footprint and light pollution in their area.


The Volta is best applicable for parking lot, street, pathway, and park lighting projects since it seamlessly blends in  with the environment. For areas that prefer the traditional look of street light or overhead concerns, the Volta’s solar panel wrapped pole is fully customizable to any design specifications.


With extra solar panels around the pole, the Volta ensures maximum energy efficiency and produces 3x more energy than solar lights from 5 years ago. Its new, improved design provides an environmentally friendly option that can be integrated in any area at a low cost.  


About Greenshine New Energy

Greenshine New Energy, a leader in solar lighting technology, specializes in developing and manufacturing customized solar outdoor LED lighting systems for a wide range of lighting applications. Our solar LED light systems are installed in over 5000 locations around the world and we provide solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial projects.

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