brighta solar lighting system

Berkeley, CA 2019

Sometimes projects are so special that Greenshine is willing to step in and improve a community through the power of photovoltaics. That’s exactly what happened with an impoverished area of Berkeley, CA. The city has a significant population that lives on the streets without access to clean water and a safe space to rest. To improve the grounds and produce a more livable environment for those on the street, the city decided to develop amenities to help. However, the area in question was in a bit of a complicated area–trenching and a bevy of required permits would have tacked on a hefty price tag for the project with traditional lighting methods. It just didn’t make sense financially to go through the extreme hassle of acquiring expensive permits and trenching for power. The city of Berkeley looked for another answer: solar.

Greenshine stepped in and installed 6 Brighta solar security lights for the project along with the new amenities–public showers to stay clean, water fountains, bathrooms, and other improvements for those without a permanent home. They can be used at any time, day or night.

It’s a project everyone can feel thankful for having since homeless folk aren’t always welcome in certain areas. With this new Brighta system, those just looking for a place to clean up and rest are able to do so. It’s quite amazing how the sun can sometimes bring shelter for those less fortunate. According to the City of Berkeley, crime rate in the area has dropped 40% with the improved lighting condition around the neighborhood. 

Image credit: By User:IntrovertOwn work, CC BY-SA 2.5, Link