Commercial Solar led street lighting

Delight The Community With Sustainable And Bright Solar Street Lights.

Greenshine solar LED street lights provide an integrated system for outdoor street lighting. These high-output, independently-powered lights minimize safety risks when traveling at night or during low light conditions, promoting safer and more accessible community environments. We use stainless steel poles, and solar panels integrated with high lumen LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) for our light fixtures which are brighter and more reliable than grid-tie systems.

Solar Street Light Technology

Greenshine provides solar lighting systems that deliver the best technology on the market while providing a wide range of customization options to fit your needs.


Our solar street lights use deep-cycle gel acid batteries, the best available for constant charge and recharge. You have a wealth of options with battery placement–at the top of the pole for better electrical path, at the middle of the pole for high security, at the bottom of the pole for easy access and stability, or you can elect to have the batteries buried if desired. Does your area get limited sunlight during the day? Double up on the batteries for extended autonomy time.


Our photovoltaic (PV) panels use Greenshine Smart Power Technology which gives the rechargeable battery up to 6 days of autonomy. Our high quality solar panels are composed of mono-crystalline silicon, which provides at least 5 percent performance over other technologies. Made of 99.9 percent pure silicon, they are specially-developed panels that absorb high levels of solar power.


Our solar street light steel poles are beefy, substantial poles that can withstand hurricane-force winds and destructive forces. They’re perfect for streets since they can resist strong impacts. Breakaway bases are also an option if there’s a concern about traffic collision.


Each lighting system is incredibly easy to install with heavy lifting equipment. Use a hoist, forklift, or crane to erect the light onto its pedestal. Every light has a step-by-step manual for solar light installation and comes with all the tools needed. If you have a question about a new project, contact one of our solar light experts.

Commercial solar led street Lighting SYstems

At Greenshine New Energy, we offer three state-of-the-art systems perfect for outdoor street lighting. In our Supera, Brighta, and Lumina series, you’ll find high-quality LED fixtures that couple with solar panels for maximum efficiency and savings. Made of hot-dipped, powder-coated, galvanized steel for the poles and Cree LEDs for the fixtures, these systems offer reliable lighting for a breadth of different spaces and can withstand a myriad of harsh weather conditions.

The Supera is a Solar LED street lighting system featuring a 60 or 80 watt cobra head style LED fixture with monocrystalline solar panels. The Supera pole is typically 26’ or 30’ in height. It can feature various fixtures which include the 260, 290D (Dark Sky Compliant), or NSB Pro. Color customization options are available with minimum order quantity.

The Brighta is a solar street lighting system featuring a 20-80 watt LED lamp that can feature various fixtures which include the 260, 290D, or NSB Pro. This pole is typically 20’ feet in height. Color customization options are available with minimum order quantity.

The Lumina is a decorative design with the most advanced LED lamp (CREE XPG-3) on the market, ranging from 30-80 watts. Available in dark bronze with heights of 20’ and 26’, the Lumina system is Dark Sky Compliant.

Please visit our Solar Lighting Systems page for additional details and specifications.

Commercial solar LED street light fixtures

Our solar LED street light fixtures use CREE LEDs to provide a wide range of lighting intensity and distribution patterns to illuminate the broadest streets for extremely high, color-accurate visibility.  We provide various fixture styles for your solar street lighting application – from cobra head, dome-shaped top, to decorative style fixtures.

Features include:

  • High quality LED lamping

  • IES files available

  • Dark Sky Certified fixtures available

  • Diverse line of fixtures

  • FWC Certified Turtle Friendly fixtures available

A “Cobra Head” style light fixture with modern style elements.

Aa “Cobra Head” style light fixture with modern style elements.

A pendant mounted, decorative LED site light.

Please visit our Solar LED Lighting Fixtures page for additional details and specifications.

An extremely cost-effective solar lighting solution for streets

Commercial solar powered street lighting is an efficient way to bring down the cost of your lighting project and eliminate  electricity bills because of their extreme cost effectiveness. These street lighting systems do not require trenching or heavy maintenance. The CREE LED fixtures are rated at 50,000 hours of use, or just over 11 years, so you’ll need to replace the fixture fewer times than other technologies. From dusk till dawn, these light fixtures will outlast older technologies on the market.



In compliance with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, all of our components are assembled in the United States, meaning you can Buy American. Support American companies with our solar street lights.



Greenshine has more than 30 years of experience in developing solar powered LED street lighting systems. Our engineers will provide you with lighting photometric simulations, layouts specific to your application, and appropriate system configurations for your local solar conditions. They’re perfect LED street light solutions for highways, main roads, and local streets.

Our solar street lights are great for


Main Roads

Local Streets


Professional Consultation

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