Mojave Air and Space Port | commercial solar lighting

The Mojave Air and Space Port is home to the worlds largest plane, the Stratolaunch, as well as the Virgin Galactic Spaceship Two, the world’s first suborbital spaceship. The main road “Airport Blvd” leading into the Space Port, as well additional roads within the airport, have been unlit since the airport was built in 1935.

About the Project

Lighting Type: IDA Roadway Lights Series: 30 Units Brighta30 City: Mojave, CA

solar panel street light
brighta, solar lighting, greenshine

The Scope

With the increase in commercial traffic, MASP contacted Greenshine to light up Airport Blvd, using Dark Sky solar lights, to provide much needed security and safety. In addition, Greenshine also worked with the Mojave Foundation to provide residential streetlights for the surrounding community.

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