CBRE/Siemens | SOLAR Parking Lot LIGHTING

Having a well-lit environment is critical to the interactions between customers and businesses. Good lighting not only brings safety to the area, but it also makes the property more attractive.

CBRE Siemens Parking Lot Security Gate solar light

About The Project

Lighting Type: Commercial LED Parking Lot Lights

Series: Brighta40 

City: Pamona, CA

The Story

CBRE is the largest commercial property management company in the US. Their major nationwide client, Siemens, has a location in Pomona, which had poor lighting in the parking lot and zero lighting at the entrance and exit gates.

The location is in a high vandalism area, so when the electric gates opened to let freight trucks in and out, vandals wandered into the facility and damaged the property, causing significant financial loss due to repairs and theft. CBRE contacted Greenshine to provide a photometric simulation, layout, and quote to install four new solar light poles; two in the parking lot, one at the entrance gate, and a final at the exit.

CBRE also did their due diligence for their client by getting quotes from contractors to trench the lot and run wire to four new grid tied poles. CBRE and Siemens chose the Greenshine solar lighting option instead. Since then, security has improved significantly, and CBRE saved their client $65,000 by avoiding trenching and hard-wiring the lights. CBRE was so pleased with the outcome, they subsequently invited Greenshine to be the guest speaker at their 2018 National Conference in Orlando, FL. Greenshine’s Vice President of Sales, Heidi Emmert attended the CBRE National Conference with Regional Sales Manager Dave Beatty. “We were honored to be invited to speak at the CBRE National Conference in Orlando. Attendees included Regional Property Managers from all over the US who were thrilled to learn how Greenshine Solar Lights can save their clients a tremendous amount of money.”

State and local laws have introduced a number of policies that support building owners in installing solar upgrades. There are various commercial LED parking lot light financing options that makes this transition much smoother than one might think. Building owners can also contact Greenshine’s lighting experts to get information on the most recent government rebate and incentive programs.

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