Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, our systems are designed to provide at least 5 nights of power even if you don’t have sun.  We design our systems around the Winter Solstice where you have the shortest day and longest night.  We accomplish this by analyzing your local solar/weather conditions to ensure our systems remain on at night when lighting is needed most.

Yes, most of our systems are designed for 145 mph winds.  In hurricane zones we’ve created systems that can handle winds up to 180 mph.

Yes, our systems are completely programmable to come on for a predetermined amount of hours after sunset and if needed come back to full brightness before sunrise.

The life expectancy of the solar panel is 20+ years.  In fact, it will still be producing 80% of the power it produced on day one.  The LED fixture’s expected life is 10-12 years.

Because our lights are not tied to the electrical grid and they’re low voltage, it’s not required to have an electrical contractor.

Yes, our poles come with anchor bolts as well as a metal template to ensure the anchor bolts are properly aligned.  In fact, if we have to build your systems we can pre-ship both the anchor bolts and template so the foundations can be made while we work on the lights.

Our lighting system is maintenance free. The rain usually keeps the panels fairly clean.  If in an area where snow gets heavy, you may need to brush off the solar panels. However, given the solar panel’s angle, snow usually slides right off once the sun rises and the temperature goes up.

Batteries typically last 5-7 years.  

Greenshines lights are commercial grade and designed to last 25+ years.

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