Everything You Need to Know About Solar Parking Lot Lights

Solar is one of the fastest growing industries in the world due to it’s cost-effective technology and the fact that it is a green alternative with high energy output. Many business owners and commercial property owners are switching over to commercial solar lights as a viable option for green energy to power their areas. In fact, one of the most popular alternatives for businesses is to invest in solar parking lot lights. To learn more about this opportunity, here is everything you need to know about commercial solar lighting for parking lots.


What Are They?


Solar parking lot lights are a commercial solar lighting solution for parking lots. These products are typically led parking lot lights and include a solar PV panel, a solar charge controller, and a LED light. To learn more about the basics of solar parking lot light, check out this article on the design basics of the solar light.


What Are Their Benefits?


Solar lights are a great option for parking lot lighting since they are off grid and require no trenching. They take little time to install and won’t damage your parking lot in the process. These lights are compatible with all types of parking lots and provide a green source of energy, which reduces long term energy costs and brands your business as an eco-friendly facility. When compared  to traditional led parking lot lights, solar parking lot lights are the best choice for your business.

How Much Do they Cost?


When deciding on lighting for a parking lot, cost is the first consideration. Although many hold the notion that solar power is more expensive, solar is actually less expensive than its traditional counterparts. In fact, solar lights are about 30% cheaper than their counterparts over a 10 year period, making it the most budget friendly option for your project.


Solar parking lot lights are no different. They still offer the most cost-effective, long term solution to optimize the energy efficiency of your business or commercial property. Depending on your needs, solar powered parking lot lights will use overall less energy than standard lights because of its innovative technology, including a dusk-to-dawn feature that will only turn on the lights according to your time specifications. Most parking lot lights also use LED, since they are more effective than regular lights. LED lights for parking lots are about 80% more efficient than other types of lights, so you will convert the most amount of energy possible.


How to Install These Lights?


There are a few factors to consider when installing a LED parking lot light.


Before you install the lights, you need to figure out what your specifications are. Get the blueprints of your area to determine how large it is and lighting engineers will figure out where to put the lights for maximum lighting. Next, you need to determine your lighting requirements and needs. How much illumination do you need? Do you want dark sky compliant lights? Do you need all night lighting, or just a few hours? If these questions seem daunting, do not worry since the lighting company you use will take you through this process step by step.


Next, you will need to assess the actual lights. To evaluate your commercial solar parking lot lights, our engineers will take into account lighting indicators, lighting levels, and color temperature. These are all determined by the specifications you provided above and will determine the products used and installation process. Other key elements for optimizing parking lot lights include determining the quality and quantity of lights that fit your budget, the lighting uniformity of the lights once installed, and the distribution patterns, which is the density of each light in the parking lot. For example, the footprint on the ground is approximately 2.75 times wider than the mounting height, so make sure to ask your lighting specialist about this detail.


How Will Solar Parking Lot Lighting Work for You?


To make sure solar parking lot lights will be right for you, contact a commercial solar lighting supplier, and they will quote and design your project for no cost. This way, you can ensure that you are ready to take on this endeavor and go green with your parking lot. One of the best applications for solar lights is to use them for solar lighting retrofit projects. Installing our All-in-One series allows our customers to successfully replace old fixtures but keep the existing poles like in our retrofit project in Tarzana.


The ROI from installing a parking lot light is high due to a reduction in your operating cost and the social implications of joining the green movement by providing clean energy to your employees and customers. LED solar parking lot lights are the easiest and most efficient way to improve and modernize your property at a low cost.

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