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Increasing Airport Security with Solar Lights

airport perimeter lightingA few years ago, a Colorado news outlet reported that several cars were vandalized inside of a parking lot at Denver International Airport. Two of the vandalized cars were actually stolen. What people initially thought was a safe area to store vehicles (they were rentals owned by a family) turned out to be unsafe for various reasons. Whatever the reason behind the unfortunate chain of events, sometimes crime can’t be avoided–it’s Murphy’s Law. However, that doesn’t mean crime can’t be minimized through proper safety methods and the right kind of lighting equipment. Along with regular patrol and surveillance, proper lighting in a parking lot is a necessity for deterring theft and vandalism. However, it’s not just any kind of lighting that suffices for crime and theft deterrence. Solar lights for airports that use LED fixtures are fantastic for keeping commuters and their belongings safe. Here’s some reasons why these particular lights are superior for parking lots and comparisons between competing light technologies.

Comparing Other Lights–HPS and Metal Halide

Color Reproduction

LED lights are known for proper color reproduction because they have a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) in comparison with other technologies. High-Pressure Sodium lamps typically fall under a CRI of 25, which is a very poor rating (LEDs are 80 on average). Because of their typical yellowish light, identifying color under these kinds of lights is difficult at best. Reds often tend to show up darker than usual (almost black). In the event of a crime, witnesses may not be able to properly identify an individual or what they’re wearing under light fixtures with poor CRI ratings. Plus, there are financial incentives to installing high-CRI lights (check out California’s Title 24 for more information). High-pressure sodium lights aren’t up to snuff when compared to LED lighting technology and how they perform for security reasons.

Metal halide lamps have some of the highest CRI ratings on the market, but at a significant disadvantage: the lamps typically take time to warm up in order to display their highest brightness (around 15 minutes), and their end-of-life behavior includes exploding–we’re sure nobody desires a lamp exploring above their head when they’re walking to their car at night. Plus, a metal halide lamp total operating time is around 15,000 hours–compare that to 100,000 hours of runtime for LED lights, and there’s a clear winner of technology. Metal halide isn’t prime for increasing safety in airport parking lots, and the level of maintenance is far too high and constant to maintain high levels of security. Imagine replacing metal halide bulbs for every airport security light in a parking lot every 18 months–not very practical.

Energy & Efficiency

Metal halide lights have a system efficiency of less than 30 lumens per watt because they’re omnidirectional, so light often times needs to be bounced towards the “focus” areas. Similarly, HPS lights are omnidirectional as well, wasting light because not all of it is targeted on the specific subject in question (in this case, parking lots). In comparison, LED fixtures are not omnidirectional, so their efficiency rating is better suited for airport perimeter lighting since the light is more focused. An LED light fixture focuses light in a 180-degree range, wasting less light and using less energy for superior brightness.

The Significance of Airport Solar Lights

Another reason why solar lights are a much stronger option for airport perimeter lighting is because each light is standalone and doesn’t require connectivity to a main power grid. We recently had a full project where we replaced an archaic lighting system at Santa Monica Airport with airport security lights. Because none of the lights needed power grid connectivity, we were able to install them on the original light pedestals, saving the customer several thousands of dollars and weeks of time since they didn’t need to dig into the concrete for wiring the new lights. It’s examples like these that demonstrate why solar lights for airports are a superior choice over traditional. Plus, in any event that the main power grid fails, the lights will remain on. That’s just another feature to enhance safety for commuters–ensuring that, if all else fails, people won’t be left in darkness in the middle of an airport parking lot. Without proper lighting, the probability of personal injury and/or car accidents rises–avoid liability by ensuring people have the best airport security lights.

The Kind of Standards with LED Lights You Need

In order to maximize the light coverage per solar light pole, the best kind of light fixtures have strong light distribution patterns, or the projected pattern of light a fixture will disperse onto a surface. It’s important to note, however, that the best lighting practice for an area with security in mind is outlined in a guide published by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) called the IES G-1-16. We won’t bore you with the details of what’s in the guide, but just rest assured that we follow the standards outlined in the IES manual–so our lights are not only just highly advanced airport security lights, but they’re configured specifically with security in mind. The light fixtures used for proper airport security are Type III fixtures so the light “throw” is a little larger and the lights can line the perimeter of the lot. We accept no less than the standard for security lighting.

In conclusion, the solar lights for airports that we manufacture are the best available on the market–with a high color reproduction index, low maintenance, long-lasting light fixtures, bill-less upkeep, self-sufficiency, and low installation costs (avoiding trenching and wiring), rest assured that your lighting setup from Greenshine New Energy will bring the best in security for your airport. Contact us to learn about how you can increase safety and save money on your next lighting project. It really is a “bright” idea.

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What the Buy American Act Means (for Solar Lighting)

solar street light suppliers USA and solar light manufacturers

We’re sure you are focused on quality when it comes to purchasing anything. You’re like us–when you get a hankering for something, you do your research by going on Amazon, look at product reviews, and educate yourself on what the best bang for your buck might be. That’s human nature. When the dollar goes down, we want to ensure it carries the most weight. It’s also natural to be curious about where the product comes from. That’s why solar street light suppliers in the US focus on the Buy American Act. One of its stipulations states that the end-product must be manufactured in the United States. It’s something that we’re proud to stamp in our catalog so that all customers know they’re buying stateside. It’s part of the quality assurance we give to every customer so they know they’re not purchasing solar street lights that aren’t to a quality standard. What do we feature with our standard? Let’s take a brief look into the details. Time for education!

Our Solar Street Light Quality Standard

Fighting Against Heat

One of the claims to fame that we carry with us is that our solar street lights are resilient to the extremes of mother nature. Naturally, our lights are featured in hot, arid climates where the sun shines often so we expect temperatures to be brutal on our installations. Yes, heat has a negative effect on solar panel power output. The higher the temperature on a solar panel, the higher the current will rise. However, the voltage for the panel has an inverse correlation. The higher the temperature, the lower the voltage! The sun sometimes can be its own culprit at providing power. So what’s one of the ways around this particular solar power problem?

Greenshine has committed to using monocrystalline solar power panels for every project. We’re one of a handful of solar light manufacturers in the United States that solely manufactures all of our solar street lights with mono panels. The secret to our success (and thus savings) is that monocrystalline solar panels are the most efficient at turning sunlight into power. Yes, they’re more expensive and time-consuming to produce. Would we have it any other way? No, because we want to make sure you get the most energy out of the sun as possible with your solar street lights. Using the most efficient solar power solution will garner results. Why compromise since you’re lighting a street?

Performing in the Cold

It’s noteworthy that solar panels actually function well in colder climates! However, the flip side to cold climates is that snow can block the sun from energizing the panel. We tend to combat that by tilting the panels at a happy medium of culling as much sunlight as possible while tilting it just right so snow typically falls off. If it sticks, chances are the snow will melt enough within a day so you won’t even need to do anything. However, if the snow sticks for an excessive time, that’s when you’ll need to call in a professional to knock the snow loose. These high-quality solar panels sometimes need a little bit of care in order to be maximally efficient. We want to make sure your investment gets you the biggest return on energy so those savings skyrocket. When in doubt, call someone to clean up the snow.

Wind is No Match

We’re sure there are concerns with wind too. Fret not! Our solar street lights are rated to withstand gusts of up to 145 miles per hour, so even in category 3 hurricane level winds these massive installations will remain standing no problem. That’s just a part of the quality you receive when you buy American–ensuring that your new street light installation will remain on and up through thick and thin. A recent installation of ours in Guam was hit hard with a typhoon with sustained winds of 95 miles per hour. After the storm blew over, our lights remained up and on. That’s our testament to quality.

The Buy American label isn’t just something to brag about. It means our products are manufactured stateside, so you can ensure you won’t get a flimsy light or pole that will malfunction within a year. If you’re concerned about where our solar street lights come from, how they’re made, and their test of quality, we stand by each solar light system as an example of our commitment to quality. Purchase stateside, and we’ll guarantee your satisfaction with our product. We combine the most efficient solar panel technology with low-energy consumption LED lights on top of climate-resistant poles. Contact us so you can be a part of the newest technology for solar lighting, or take a look how solar can save your business or city money. You’ll find out why we’re one of the top solar street light suppliers in the USA. Thanks for reading.


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How Municipalities are Saving 20% (with Solar Street Lighting Systems)

solar street lightingYou’re probably here because you are starting a public lighting project that you’re sure will cost an arm and a leg, and you need to find the best coupons to clip in order to appease the powers that be. Put away the scissors and Sunday morning ads. Greenshine is here to quell thoughts that public lighting will be too expensive for your budget. The secret is in solar street lighting, and if you’d like to reduce your bills in installation, trenching, and energy, we can help. Educate yourself with this 6-minute read and you’ll be more prepared to make a decision.

The Deal with Solar Street Lights Price

Why Does Lighting Hit the Wallet So Hard?

There are a number of factors, some of which we’ve been able to eliminate at Greenshine. A lot of money is often required to trench into the ground to bury wires and connect to main electrical grids in order to power lighting fixtures. We’ve seen price tags as low as 4 dollars a foot and as high as twelve. Extra costs tack on sometimes since trenching might even need concrete broken up in order to bury wires. Plus, some public areas may need to be blocked off, creating unsightly areas for commuters. The total cost of trenching is pretty high and can rise to absurd amounts in a multi-light system. With only ten lights, trenching can add a whopping 30 thousand dollars to the total project bill. The energy bill of the same ten-light system can total 1 thousand dollars in the span of one year. You can easily see why footing the bill for a new lighting system can have outrageous costs. That’s why Greenshine New Energy is in the business of saving you money with solar street lighting.

What’s in it for Me with Solar?

Solar power doesn’t just reduce bills, it removes some of them entirely. That 30-thousand-dollar add-on for the bill just to trench? Gone with solar. These lights needn’t be connected to any main power grid. A favorite story of ours is when we saved a company over half a million dollars just by providing a solar lighting system for their needs. We’re sure they were happy about saving more money. Reducing bills and increasing smiles are just a few reasons why we’re in the solar lighting business. That’s specifically why so many municipalities, cities, and government entities are getting off the grid.

What Are the Pitfalls?

We won’t hide facts. Solar energy is directly dependent on the sun, so on an overcast day with a blanket of clouds the panels won’t pull as much power. However, we’ve tested several technologies and know that monocrystalline solar panels are some of the most efficient panels on the market. The technology has developed over time and continues to do so. The energy pulled from the sun will be significant. Even on an overcast day, there’s light to charge the beefy batteries. Street lighting powered by solar panels will last a week on average. The darkest of days still provide energy to fuel LED lights, so rest assured that your stored energy will last you a while.

Be a Savings Rockstar in Lighting

Greenshine has combined 30 years of experience in solar knowledge; we put it to use every day to save companies money. Impress your boss with a shorter receipt and a streamlined budget. You may even get attention from the news about using cleaner forms of energy. Perhaps you’ll have enough room in the budget to hire a catering service for your entire office in celebration of finding the best ways to reduce costs. We just hope we’re invited too. Contact us to find out how you can save more green with Greenshine or browse our applications page to see what kind of lights we manufacture.

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The Benefits of Solar Lighting Projects for the Masses

solar lighting company and solar lighting business

Many folks may be wondering what the benefit of solar lighting projects for businesses may be. It’s not very apparent to the public when a company goes solar to light their businesses and public lots. We have a few reasons listed here why solar is better for everyone! It’s all through the power of light. Educate yourself with this 5-minute read about how a solar lighting system helps everyone.

How Does a Solar Lighting System Benefit You?

It’s quite simple, actually. Think about the bottom line of a business. In order to make money, a business is required to spend money. But often times the business can cut corners and find solutions that don’t require top-dollar investments. That’s one of the reasons why our solar lighting company, Greenshine New Energy, has fully invested in lighting for business–less money is spent on lighting projects and more money is saved towards other business aspects, passing the savings onto the consumers. We’ve had such huge success in the past saving businesses and cities money that we’ve had customers plan to purchase more projects for further lighting solutions. It’s almost as if solar lighting systems are trending for businesses! We’re pretty certain that’s the case these days.

How Does a Business Benefit from Solar?

A business benefits from a solar lighting system since the lights don’t require power grid connectivity. Each light operates independently due to the power of the sun. What’s better is there are even portable solar lights available so companies can move them from place to place to use them however needed! We once saved a company over 500 thousand dollars because they avoided trenching to bury electrical wires, and the savings continued because they had no energy bill to sustain the lights! That dollar passes on to everyone, improving the economy and even reducing the carbon footprint.

Isn’t Solar Energy More Expensive?

It used to be! The price of a solar cell has dropped 99 percent from the 1970s–so whereas a solar cell used to produce a kilowatt per hour costing a consumer 75 dollars. the price has dropped to near 75 cents. That’s money in your pocket from a self-sustainable solar lighting system. Impressive, to say the least.

We’re Greenshine New Energy, a solar lighting company that saves corporations the money they need to succeed. A successful company passes the savings onto their products and services, which in turn benefit the consumer. In addition to saving businesses several thousands of dollars, we reduce carbon footprints–it’s a welcome side-effect to going off the grid! We’re making strides to fattening wallets in the lighting industry. If you have a solar lighting project on the horizon, feel free to contact us and learn more. Thanks for reading!

solar energy vs fossil fuels

News Alert: Solar Energy is Cheaper than Fossil Fuels

solar energy vs fossil fuels

We’ve been crunching the numbers at Greenshine New Energy and are proud to report that the debate with solar energy vs fossil fuels is over: solar energy is cheaper than fossil fuels! Here’s what that means for you:

Solar Power is Definitely a Cheaper Solution

It’s been a long time in the making–over 150 years, in fact–to see solar energy efficiency rise and the price of it to drop. You can take advantage of this if you’re planning on solar lighting for a parking lot or similar project where you need self-sustainable, independent power to light an area. Initial prices may be favorable towards traditional, on-grid lighting, but the money saved beyond day one beats out the pricing for traditional. We’ve had success stories where the client who chose Greenshine saved 50 thousand dollars up front by avoiding trenching. That’s a lot of money to put towards other projects!

Solar Power vs Fossil Fuels: Just Cleaner

We like to brag a little when it comes to using renewable energy sources–so feel free to brag as well when you install your solar lighting for a parking lot that you’re the “greenest” on the block. Join the newest generations in the push to go green and skip burning coal or fuels–the Earth thanks you!  That’s just one of the reasons why the debate between solar power vs fossil fuels is over: there’s nothing to burn, only energy to take advantage of.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Traditional Lighting

We’ve heard nightmare stories of one lone wire getting struck, rendering an entire lighting system kaput. Other stories detail customers that need to spend 90 thousand up front just to bury wires for their new lighting. Avoid the pitfalls and find the cheaper solution that will stay on all night long: solar.

Plenty of our clients in the past continue to communicate with us on more and more projects in the future. Solar is a growing trend we’re happy to be at the front of, and so we invite you to take a closer look at how switching can save you literally thousands of dollars for your lighting project. Contact us to learn more and see the real benefits.

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The Markets That Can Benefit from Industrial Solar Lights

industrial solar street lights and commercial solar lights

We’re sure many out “in the field” wonder if they can benefit from industrial solar street lights. It’s not always apparent to every business owner or project manager how solar can revolutionize energy costs. We’re here to “bring to light” some markets that can benefit from solar lighting and what that means. What’s for certain is all of them can save money.

Industrial Solar Street Lights Help the Military

Probably the largest overlooked market for solar lights is indeed the military! In the past, we’ve solved several military-related problems of transportation, logistics, and general operations. One such previous case entailed a military convoy from Camp Villere delivering supplies across a bridge at night. The bridge was so distant that connecting any lighting to the “main grid” would have been overwhelmingly expensive. Industrial solar street lights came to the rescue and saved the camp a massive bill. Win one for Greenshine with Camp Villere!

Municipalities Benefit Too!

We’ve got a wealth of different commercial solar lights that benefit cities. Often times we have clients that have a problem of gigantic trenching bills that they can’t–or don’t want to–pay in order to establish power to new lights. They’re able to skip out on trenching and expensive bills by going solar. Solar lights, whatever the kind, rely on the power of the sun which is why they aren’t restricted to main power grids to fire up. We’ve got several thousand commercial solar lights in cities across the US–even in states where the sun doesn’t shine that often. Chalk it up to the ever-giving energy from Earth’s lamp in the sky.

Industrial Solar Lights for Parks and Recreation

Truth be told, parks and recreational areas are high benefactors on our list for solar lights, too. Imagine you’re the project manager for your public park and you need an area lit that doesn’t have power connectivity. What’s there to do? Dig up the ground? Block off a section of the park and deny public access while you mess with the beautification of the area? Or should you go solar and skip all of the mess? Solar wins in this category, easy.

Whether it’s industrial or commercial solar lights you need, we’ve got it in store, powered by the greatest energy source to the human race. Join the energy revolution that’s turning cheaper and more efficient by the day: solar power. We’re sure you’re aware of the best decision to make when it comes to light. Contact us to learn more.

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3 Concerns About Solar Lights Operating in Harsh Winter Conditions

solar light panels

Solar outdoor lighting is a fantastic method of utilizing green energy while enhancing safety in public areas. We’re aware of a lot of the concerns, however, of companies considering the purchase for solar. Wintertime can be harsh on equipment, especially lighting that requires the sun to operate. Many customers in the past have asked if solar is still a viable lighting option. Put your concerns to rest; solar still operates fine in winter, and our solar outdoor lighting options stand up against wind, rain, snow, and freezing temperatures. Here’s how.

Solar Outdoor Lighting Options and How They Hold Up in Harsh Weather

Solar Light Fixtures Are Resilient in the Snow

We’re sure there’s concern for how solar lights might operate during wintertime. The sun doesn’t shine as often, and expensive equipment in freezing temperatures is bound to be on a CFO’s mind. As much as there might be cause for concern with solar light panels in sub-zero temperatures, they’re designed to hold up!

Many of our light panels are tilted to ease the rolloff of snow, so even during a nasty storm, the solar LED lights won’t gather piles of snow and damage the installation. We considered all kinds of climate when designing our lights–they are meant to take a beating and keep on gleaming. If you’re concerned about the effect of drastic temperature changes on the installation batteries, we have options to bury the batteries to prevent volatile temperature fluctuations. You’ve got options, and we’re happy to deliver them.

Less Light, Permanent Night?

We don’t need to tell you there’s less sunlight in winter, nor do we need to tell you that less sunlight can affect solar lighting. That’s a simple, clear fact to everyone, so it’s intuitive to think that solar-powered devices don’t function well during the winter. Well, we thought ahead again, and ensured our product contradicts a lot of the worries about solar. Here’s how.

Even in rain-heavy localities with a near-permanent overcast cloud, current solar technologies are still capable of culling light. Our solar panels rate at 50 percent as efficient when light struggles to break through the clouds. That’s not all: in developing our product, we decided to include some of the heftiest batteries on the market–batteries that will keep our solar lights running for up to 14 days. That’s right, even without constant sunlight during the darkest times of the month, our solar lights will operate for a fortnight. Rest assured that light will be around when there isn’t any–unless the sun dies out.

Proper Light Means Proper Solar Panels

The idea behind solar is we want to maximize potential energy gain on a daily basis. During the course of a year, the sun follows a different path every day. The sun sheds light differently on the planet during the winter months, so what’s the best practice with gathering the energy from the sun?

Our solar light panels are customizable to any angle! Follow the sun’s path to ensure the top efficiency for each of your panels. Not sure what angle you need? We’ve got people that can calculate the proper angle and help you determine where to face the panels to ensure power is maximally delivered to your new solar installation.


We could go on about why our solar light fixtures hold up in winter, but we’ve given you the main three points. Just remember, we have a combined span of 3 decades of work in solar. If you’re in the market to save some green, we specialize in that. If you’re in the market to go green, we specialize in that too. Just keep in mind that solar light fixtures aren’t just for when the sun is out, they’re built to last several years through thick and thin, light and dark, cold and hot. Find out the easy way what makes us one of the most trusted brands in solar. Browse our customer case studies or contact us if you have any questions. Have an energy-filled, wonderful day.