Why Solar Parking Lot Lights are a Good Investment

solar parking lot lights

Environmentally sound, easy on the wallet, and resistant to extreme weather conditions are just a few ways to describe solar parking lot lights. When they’re paired with ultra-bright, super-efficient LED lights, these kinds of lights can help you achieve energy-saving and money-saving standards unheard of through traditional methods of lighting. Here’s a few reasons why.

Reasons why Solar Parking Lot Lights are Worth it

You’ll See a Reduction in Cost

LED lights are up to 80 percent more efficient than many other kinds of lights. LEDs draw significantly less power and convert 95 percent of their supplied energy to light. Together, with solar power, they create one fantastic set of solar parking lot lights. The photovoltaic (PV) panel charges the battery during the day (yes, even in overcast situations and winter-time) and the integrated battery keeps the light burning all night. You’ll notice the change in the monthly energy bills–there won’t be any. In addition to fewer bills, solar lights require no trenching to connect to grid power–the savings are up front and over time. Often times installed solar projects are cheaper than traditional on day one because the trenching costs with traditional exceed solar.

Improved Safety in Parking Lots

Parking lots at night can unfortunately be heavy targets for criminals and vandals. We have scores of success stories of how solar LED lights have reduced crime and helped pedestrians feel safer at night. We’re happy to be a leading provider of lights that, frankly, fight crime!

Save Some Green, and Go Green

Along with stupendous benefits of saving money long-term and keeping safety high in public areas, solar parking lot lights have significantly smaller carbon footprints on the environment. These lights aren’t burning anything or releasing toxic chemicals into the air. They’re pulling power from the sun and returning it to us via LED lights.

It’s a triple-whammy inside of a perfect package–solar LED lights that save money, protect people, and remind ourselves that we have one planet to live on. Take care of all three problems by going solar today. Contact us to learn more and see how you can take advantage of everything that the sun has to offer you.

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