Why More Businesses are Switching to Commercial Solar Lighting

Here is a picture of commercial solar lighting that uses outdoor LED lights to power areas.

If you’re in charge of a lighting project, it’s likely the case you’re aware of the kind of lights and fixtures you may see around town. It’s also likely that, on occasion, you’ll come across a commercial solar lighting system installed in a parking lot, park, or public area. That’s the case nowadays since solar energy has been on the rise. Here’s some reasons why.

The Savings are in Solar

With any project management, time and money are the two largest concerns. The main idea with using solar is that you can save on both; commercial solar power lights skip out on the trenching required to connect each light to a main power source. We’ve had customers in the past with similar problems where they couldn’t trench into the ground. The area in question was considered a historical site, and digging into the ground was just out of the question. A commercial solar lighting installation circumnavigated their problem and saved them time and money up front. That’s why the trends are showing growth towards installing lights that pull power from the sun instead of connect directly to underground power. Everyone likes saving money and time, so why not?

Low Energy Usage Wins

Solar power is definitely the proper path to saving time and money, but when solar is combined with outdoor LED lights, the benefits double. Using solar power to store energy into a battery lighting an ultra-bright, low-energy consumption LED light provides the best of all worlds. The energy used in an LED light is significantly lower than other commercial lights, meaning your energy will last longer than average. Plus, running on solar means no monthly energy bill just to light a public area.

We’re Greenshine New Energy, where our commercial solar lighting is fueled by the energy provided from Earth’s closest star. We’ve installed over 5 thousand systems across the United States and are proud to save you time, money, and headaches. Contact us if you’re interested in purchasing outdoor LED lights or read up on how our systems solved more problems in the past.

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