What’s the Best Purchase on Lighting?

best purchase of lighting

You’re probably here to find the best purchase on lighting. After all, that’s the title of this blog post. It just so happens we have insider information about how to save big bucks when it comes to lighting public areas and lots. We’ll admit that public lighting doesn’t get people of all ages and backgrounds lining up around the corner like movies do, lighting is never cheap. But we’ve got a way you can find the best purchase on lighting–it’s through solar LED light fixtures.

Want to learn how to save big bucks through this newfangled method of lighting? Here’s how:

Why Solar is the Best Purchase on Lighting

We know you’ve heard of solar power. You’ve probably even seen a solar power panel before, perhaps on a small calculator or even in public. Those small devices are neat, but where solar power really matters is in public lighting. The average price for a single public light fixture with its supporting pole is about 3 thousand dollars, not a price in everyone’s pockets.

However, a solar lighting system can often cost more. We’ll admit that upfront. A typical solar light with a pole can cost around 4.5 thousand dollars. But why would we admit to charging more upfront?

Because solar actually saves you money in the long run.

We’re sure you don’t like bills. We don’t like bills either, but they’re necessary for us to thrive. But imagine if you didn’t receive bills for public lighting for the entire life of the lighting system? We’d consider that the best purchase on lighting since you save money in the long run.

But that’s not all. 

Whereas you save money in the long run, you can also save money on the day solar lights are installed. How is that possible?

It’s because a lot of public lighting systems connect to underground power. We’re sure you’ve seen those massive lighting poles stuck in the concrete bestowing light on a pathway. The secret they hide is all the wiring and power in the light fixture runs into the ground, away from sight.

It’s great for aesthetics, but not for pricing. Digging a trench for a light can sometimes cost more than the light itself.

With solar lighting, there’s no need for trenching. The expensive, time-consuming, and laborious effort of getting to the power grid beneath the ground doesn’t need to happen. Solar lights can be placed upon a concrete pedestal and then turned on to soak up energy from the sun. That’s just another one of the reasons they’re the best purchase on lighting.

Extra Benefits of Solar

It’s true that the largest benefits of solar lights are the many ways you can save money. However, we are talking about solar energy–it’s a fantastic method of powering something since it’s incredibly clean.

Were you aware that roughly 17% of the overall carbon footprint is because of lighting? That means all those streetlights that are powered 12 hours a day are contributing to carbon emissions that impact our health in profound ways.

But purchasing solar streetlights can help reduce that massive carbon footprint. You can set an example on your block for everyone to follow by being the first to make a health-conscious decision with public utility–while saving several thousands of dollars doing it.

That’s why we consider solar lights to be the best purchase for lighting. Save money, the environment, and your neighbors’ health. We think that’s a great deal.

At Greenshine New Energy, we know the ins and outs of lighting and can deliver a lighting simulation within 48 hours to show you how you can save more than just money. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more and have a wonderful week.


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