What’s the Best Kind of Canopy or Shelter Lighting for the Money?

solar canopy lighting

When you’re out shopping for a product, we’re sure you want something that ticks all the checkboxes–something convenient and easy to work with that fits your needs perfectly but doesn’t sap your vacation money. That’s a kind of universal desire across all markets, and the price is probably the most important aspect for any purchase. The same goes for lighting projects. Although lighting doesn’t attract a crowd or go viral like a cat video would, nobody would mind saving a few dollars here and there when they’re deciding on a purchase for an expensive lighting project.

But what if we said you could save several thousands of dollars?

If you’re in the market for canopy lighting, you stopped at the right place. Greenshine New Energy specializes in high-quality, commercial-grade lighting for a range of purposes–mostly just to see things in bright light when the sun isn’t up. But the secret we’ve got is that we use solar canopy lighting to save you money. Let’s dive into the facts about lighting paired with solar panels that take advantage of renewable energy.

Why Solar Canopy Lighting is Much Cheaper

It’s a no-brainer that solar lighting pulls power from the sun–that’s one of the reasons why this unique lighting is much cheaper. You don’t have to concern yourself with monthly energy bills that sap away your food budget. A typical high-pressure sodium (HPS) light will cost you about 10 dollars per month for operation, whereas a solar canopy light will cost you…well, nothing. Each light doesn’t draw power from the main power grid, and so rest assured you won’t have constant monetary upkeep. With a system of 10 HPS lights, the energy costs leap to 6 thousand dollars over the course of 5 years.

One of the largest pain points we’ve seen from several thousands of projects we’ve installed is the cost for trenching and wiring. Lights on average can cost about 3,500 dollars a pop, but connecting them can nearly double your entire bill. Let’s assume a 100-foot trenching from the main power source must be dug with poles that are spaced 80 feet apart. Just for 10 lights the cost for trenching tacks on about 35 thousand dollars. Plus, if your project is being installed in an area with concrete already in place, that adds on additional expenses just to break up and repave the concrete. Or, if you prefer, skip all that and go with solar.

Isn’t a Solar Panel Much More Expensive?

It used to be! Early solar cells were not worth the investment, but since the 1970s the tech behind photovoltaics has pushed that price tag to lower numbers. The price of a solar cell in the 1970s was about 75 dollars per watt of energy converted. 

Curious to know what today’s price per watt is? About 75 cents.

We won’t hide the truth–buying solar canopy lighting is more expensive, but in 5 years you’ll be happy with the savings. Take the several thousands of dollars saved and invest it. Retire early with a lavish retirement party. Buy yourself some “I made the best decision” gifts. That’s just a side benefit of purchasing the best kind of lighting for the money that you’ll find at Greenshine.

What Else Do You Save?

Greenshine uses LED light fixtures on all our systems. How does this benefit you? A lot of competing light fixtures have lifespans that pale in comparison to LED. HPS fixtures will last approximately 25 thousand hours. LEDs outlive HPS lights with a whopping 50 thousand hours. So when expensive (and toxic!) HPS fixtures burn out, your LED lights will shine on for another 25k hours. The secret is within the fantastic development behind LEDs that’s taken decades to develop. Now we use LEDs to light up the night and make the responsible financier smile at the money saved instead of frown at a lengthy bill. You also save the environment, too! Every solar canopy light uses 0 energy from fossil fuels. Kind of a package deal if you ask us.

Is Solar Power Reliable?

It’s just as reliable as the sun rising and setting. When the sun no longer rises, renewable energy sources will be the least of our problems.  As for now, rest assured that the 5000+ projects we have across the United States that are within their life expectancy are doing their jobs well. For areas that use solar shelter or canopy lighting in generally overcast environments, we develop robust systems that combat the darker skies so your lights won’t burn out of energy. All projects comply with the “Buy American” act, meaning at least 51% of materials are resourced in the United States. We stand by our products with a conviction–they’re highly efficient, incredibly bright, and easy on the wallet long term. Take a look at our case studies on solar canopy lighting if you’re still not convinced–some of them saved our customers nearly half a million dollars.

In Conclusion…

We hope our brief foray into solar canopy or shelter lighting reveals what solar can do for your business. Where there’s a sun, there’s a promise for solar lighting which is best for the money. Reduce your bills and carbon footprint while stuffing your wallet. Our team is in place and ready to find the best lighting solution for you that will save you buckets of bucks. Contact us to get a free consultation about your new lighting project, or check out how our technology works. Have a bright day.

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