What Are the Best Outdoor Solar Lights? (And Why Greenshine)

best outdoor solar lights

So you’re in the market for solar lighting! We’re like you in that we want the best bang for the buck.

It’s natural to plunder the internet for research, trying to find quality in a gigantic sea of what could be faulty hardware, low-lumen bulbs, or inefficient panels marketed as “the best.”

We’ve prepared a look at the Greenshine technology on the market for you to make the best decision. We hope this thorough look will educate you so you buy quality components for the right price.

Purchasing the Best Outdoor Solar Lights

A solar light is a combination of several high-tech components working together to deliver light when the sun goes down. The most crucial parts of the system are the light, the solar panel, the battery that charges during sun hours, and the light pole. There are several different variations of these components on the market, but we mention some of the best options here for outdoor solar lighting.

LED Lights

LM-79, LM-80 Testing Reports

If you’re not aware of what to look for when it comes to LED lights, adhere to lights that have LM-79 or LM-80 reports. What these specify is an approved method of measuring the lumen output for LED fixtures.

When LEDs first hit the market for outdoor lights, several companies began making unfounded claims about LEDs that were unsubstantiated. These reports demonstrate a solid-state light’s ability to provide proper lumen output and luminous efficacy, so companies can back up the claims made about their lights instead of marketing a poor product that doesn’t match the claim they make.

Without getting into too much technical jargon about lumen outputs for LED fixtures, be certain to purchase lights that have LM-79 or LM-80 reports. Without these reports, it’s likely you’re wasting money on horrible lighting instead of the best outdoor solar lights.

Cree LED Lights

Without a doubt, the best LEDs on the market come from the company named Cree. Their LEDs “define the metrics by which all over LEDs are measured,” and that’s because the company has been around since 1987. Their bulbs have been extensively tested to last 6 times longer than other LEDs on the market. Every light fixture out of Greenshine’s warehouse uses Cree LEDs, so you’re getting an industry-standard bulb from a quality manufacturer.

Solar Panels

How a Solar Panel Works

We thought it might be best to explain (basically) how a solar panel works. It’s likely a mystery to many why an odd material can generate stored energy from the sun. Each photovoltaic cell is made up of several materials, mostly silicon, which generate an electric field. Each cell has an electrical charge and as photons (units of light) hit the silicon, an electron is knocked loose and transfers to wires, where it is routed to storage.

That’s how silicon-based photovoltaic cells operate. This technology has been around for decades, so it’s only natural that solar panel technology develops with silicon. However, solar panels aren’t fantastic. They’re very inefficient at altering photons to electrons, which is why some methods of developing photovoltaic cells are better than others when it comes to increasing efficiency.

Monocrystalline Silicon Panels

Which brings us to why Greenshine uses monocrystalline silicon panels. Through what’s called the Czochralski Process, a single ingot is slowly drawn from a vat of heated silicon. This process ensures extremely pure silicon is drawn from the vat which means higher efficiency for each photovoltaic cell. Is it more expensive? Yes. Is it worth the money? Yes, which is why we use only mono-cells in our solar lights, making them the best outdoor solar lights on the market.

Feel free to research other silicon panel technologies, but they are less efficient and aren’t meant for the solar lighting market.

All About Batteries

Deep-Cycle Gel-Acid Batteries

These batteries are used heavily in solar street lights because they’re manufactured specifically to last through constant charge and discharge cycles–especially when the discharge cycle (when the light is on) doesn’t drain the batteries to an empty state. They’re much safer than Lithium-Ion and its variants, and they typically have a shelf life of 5 years. So once your solar light is erected and operating, you won’t have to replace a single component until 5 years later. That’s just another example of how Greenshine is a manufacturer of the best outdoor solar lights on the market.

If you’d like to research other battery technologies, feel free to read another article on batteries for solar street lights.

Poles–Enough Said

Using hot-dipped, galvanized, powder-coated, steel poles has been the standard we adhere to since we opened our doors.  Galvanizing protects against long-term corrosion from oxidization by being immersed in a concentrated zinc ammonium chloride flux solution. Each solar lighting pole is manufactured to withstand winds up to 145 MPH, higher than Category 3 Hurricane Winds. We’ve had real-world cases of our lights remaining up–and on–after a destructive hurricane in Guam.

Every pole in our warehouse goes through this process to ensure a quality standard across all of our materials, making the poles for our solar lights one of the best components for outdoor solar lighting in existence.

The Greenshine Standard

Why Greenshine

We provide the best value for the money simply because we’re US-based. Being around for over a decade has given us time to work out a lot of problems we’ve seen on a customer level. There’s no cost factored into sending our panels overseas, so that provides the best value-per-dollar for our solar panels, thus meaning we’re the best option for outdoor solar lighting. If you purchase a system, we gather the materials in our warehouse and send them out for installation. That’s it.

What sets Greenshine New Energy apart from the competition is that each and every component is manufactured to work with every other component–instead of a mish-mash of parts assembled together with no manufacturer intent on working with the remaining components, Greenshine manufactures components with the sole intent of working as one intended system. We thrive on compatibility and customization which makes Greenshine the best option for outdoor solar lighting.

Maybe we’re patting ourselves on the back a bit, but thousands of customers can’t all be wrong. You owe it to yourself to try us out and see why we’re the leader in solar lighting. Email us with your project details and we’ll get back to you soon. Thanks for reading!


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