The Versatility of Greenshine’s Portable Solar Lighting Systems


Portable Solar Lighting Systems

Lighting often times seems simple enough; put lights on a pole, connect them to power, and voila! Your area is sufficiently lit for whatever you need. It turns out there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to lighting. When you walk through a park or down a paved walkway and lights adorn each side, we invite you to take a moment and look at how they’re constructed. What kind of fixture is at the top of the pole? How is the light pieced together? Is there a battery block at the base? Is the light pole sturdy and cemented into a foundation (we hope it is)? These are just aspects of lights we don’t even mull over in our day-to-day lives, but as it turns out a lot of thoughtful care and planning has been put into something as simple as a bulb at the top of a pole. Thoughtful planning, meticulous construction, safety measures, power connectivity, controls, placement–we at Greenshine are familiar with it all. But thankfully enough, we’ve actually designed systems to skip a lot of the grunt work that it takes to establish a lighting system. Let us take a moment to express why solar powered portable lights are superior in many ways over traditional lighting systems.

Security from a Portable Solar Lighting System

We start with what’s most important. Lighting brings about security, but sometimes it’s a matter of what kind of light which really matters most. If you hang a 60W tungsten bulb connected to a flimsy wire on top of a ladder, you won’t be lighting up much except for a security guard’s face when they laugh. You need “oomph.” It’s also important (depending on the job) to combine “oomph” with portability. Need specifics? Check out when the city of Lake Elsinore used solar powered portable lights to illuminate their construction projects as well as their parking lot. But why does that matter? Well, the city saw a decrease in crime due to the boost in security. Plus, the lights served multiple purposes–some were moved around their construction site so their shifts could run 24/7.

What’s important is illustrating the dual aspect of these portable solar lighting systems. They’re incredibly versatile since they can be relocated to virtually any location in order to get proper lighting. Their light is powerful enough that it deters crime and increases security. Imagine having a grounded, immovable light system just off from where you need it most–with that in mind, it’s easy to illustrate these kinds of solar powered portable lights are superior to older technology. They’re perfect for the needs of businesses that need light in their parking and construction lots.

More Than Just Security, but Peace of Mind

We’re sure there are parks somewhere in “the wild” without sufficient lighting, and so it’s often advised not to travel them at night for fear of the unknown. It might be the case that whomever is project manager for the park hasn’t been able to afford trenching to bring electricity to the area, and so perhaps the park doesn’t operate at night–or it does, just with unsafe conditions! Trenching the area, installing traditional lights, connecting them to power, maintaining them, and footing the energy bill is costly and time-consuming. What to do if there isn’t enough lighting and not enough money to bring to the area? Turn to solar.

Once again, Greenshine stands by their products as not only “light” on the wallet and great for the environment, but as crime-fighting lights that give peace of mind to friends and family. Rest assured that if there are family members in a public area, our portable solar lighting systems are there to provide security so that parks and playgrounds are enjoyed ‘round the clock–or at least until it’s time to come in for dinner. Plus, the best thing is you can move the portable lights where you need them!

Portability for a Business–One of the Biggest Needs

We know the challenges that project managers and experts face all the time when it comes to something as simple as lights. In the past, we’ve helped out military convoys that needed light to cross a dangerous bridge. We’ve assisted logistics companies in their efforts to get equipment from A to B. We even accelerated one retail store’s timeline for opening up shop by installing our systems. The reason for our success lies in the portability factor for our light systems.

Our portable solar light towers are actually easier to move than you might think–some need a forklift to move around, and others can be moved easily with two people! There isn’t a need to rent very heavy equipment just to move the lights to a different location. That versatility alone is often what people enjoy the most about Greenshine projects. Imagine digging up a connected light, disconnecting it from power, digging again to plant the pole, reconnecting the power–it just isn’t practical or cheap! That’s why we develop our portable solar lighting systems. Convenience, price, portability, security, and great for the environment when compared to coal or fossil fuels.

As we’ve said before, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to lighting. The next time you’re outside and under public lights, think about what it really takes for those lights to get there. And if the lights you find are solar powered portable lights, rejoice in that moment you’ve found a modern technological feat. Solar lights are the unspoken marvels of today’s lighting sources.

Greenshine is starting a revolution in power with a primary focus on what the sun brings us every day. For those out there that can’t afford to trench for electricity, take a look at our products. For the project managers that wince at monthly energy bills, consider what we’ve got in store for solar lighting. For the teams that need to move a light just 15 feet and can’t practically do so, we’ve got you covered. Join us in our revolution of power, portability, light, and convenience. Take a look at our products and contact us if you’d like to learn more. Your lighting needs are met; we just need you to give us the “all clear.”

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