The Markets That Can Benefit from Industrial Solar Lights

industrial solar street lights and commercial solar lights

We’re sure many out “in the field” wonder if they can benefit from industrial solar street lights. It’s not always apparent to every business owner or project manager how solar can revolutionize energy costs. We’re here to “bring to light” some markets that can benefit from solar lighting and what that means. What’s for certain is all of them can save money.

Industrial Solar Street Lights Help the Military

Probably the largest overlooked market for solar lights is indeed the military! In the past, we’ve solved several military-related problems of transportation, logistics, and general operations. One such previous case entailed a military convoy from Camp Villere delivering supplies across a bridge at night. The bridge was so distant that connecting any lighting to the “main grid” would have been overwhelmingly expensive. Industrial solar street lights came to the rescue and saved the camp a massive bill. Win one for Greenshine with Camp Villere!

Municipalities Benefit Too!

We’ve got a wealth of different commercial solar lights that benefit cities. Often times we have clients that have a problem of gigantic trenching bills that they can’t–or don’t want to–pay in order to establish power to new lights. They’re able to skip out on trenching and expensive bills by going solar. Solar lights, whatever the kind, rely on the power of the sun which is why they aren’t restricted to main power grids to fire up. We’ve got several thousand commercial solar lights in cities across the US–even in states where the sun doesn’t shine that often. Chalk it up to the ever-giving energy from Earth’s lamp in the sky.

Industrial Solar Lights for Parks and Recreation

Truth be told, parks and recreational areas are high benefactors on our list for solar lights, too. Imagine you’re the project manager for your public park and you need an area lit that doesn’t have power connectivity. What’s there to do? Dig up the ground? Block off a section of the park and deny public access while you mess with the beautification of the area? Or should you go solar and skip all of the mess? Solar wins in this category, easy.

Whether it’s industrial or commercial solar lights you need, we’ve got it in store, powered by the greatest energy source to the human race. Join the energy revolution that’s turning cheaper and more efficient by the day: solar power. We’re sure you’re aware of the best decision to make when it comes to light. Contact us to learn more.

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