The Lowdown on LED Lights

solar LED parking lot light

You may have heard the term LED before tossed around in computer lingo or “geek speak” as they call it, but there’s less geek to the truth of what an LED is. A light-emitting diode has been a popular light source in technology, consumer electronics, and even traffic lights. Thankfully today, LED technology has evolved to useful applications such as solar LED parking lot lights. Here’s some background on them and how they developed into what they’re used for today.

Where Did LEDs Come From?

The rise of LEDs started with the discovery of electroluminescence. The first LED was developed in 1927 by Oleg Losev, although there was no application for such an early light. The first LED with visible light was actually produced in 1962 by Nick Holonyak. Since then, small developments in the technology for LEDs have seen the device blossom into technology used in every day life, such as remote controls for consumer electronics. They only had capability to emit infra-red light, but they certainly weren’t powerful to light anything like a parking lot. However, eventually the technology developed to be perfectly paired with solar power so that eventually we could develop solar LED parking lot lights for businesses, cities, and public entities. But why does that even matter?

Parking Lot Lights and How LEDs Have Changed the Lighting Game

It turns out LED lights are perfect when paired with solar power because of their low energy consumption and brightness. LED lights use significantly less power than incandescent bulbs and have a greater lumen output than filament lighting. It’s basically a much higher “return on investment” when it comes to how much light is produced per unit of energy put into the bulb. When you add solar power to the mix, you’re combining an endless supply of energy, a low-energy consumption bulb, and a high lumen output. A trifecta of positives wrapped into a solar lighting solution with multiple applications. But what does that mean for a business that invests in solar LED parking lot lights?

Fewer Bills, Fewer Headaches

The biggest impact when you combine LEDs with solar power is that savings go skyrocketing. Businesses we’ve helped in the past have saved several thousands of dollars because they dodged the costs of trenching and wiring. We’ve saved cities and municipalities a wealth of money by using solar mailbox lighting and other projects that cut costs and put money back into business development. The savings secret is in the solar design; each solar LED light is independent of power and thus doesn’t need trenching, wiring, or connectivity to operate. Combined with low energy costs (virtually none) and high-lumen-output bulbs, we think we’re onto something. Several other businesses do as well.

Solar LED Parking Lot Lights in a Nutshell

A fully-operational, self-sufficient, high-output, low-energy, cost-effective parking lot light using LED bulbs–we think that’s one way businesses can save some green while going green. It’s all because of the combination of solar power and LED lights; two modern marvels combined to bestow light upon public areas. It’s a little bit of genius, we think. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how solar LED lights can save you gobs or read up on the technology we use.

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