The Cost-Benefit of Solar Street Light Installations

solar street light pricing and solar energy street lights

It’s a counter-intuitive thing, sometimes, to spend money in order to save it. We’re just like you; if we see an ad on television that promises you’ll save more if you spend more, our inner skeptic kicks in and we start to wonder if we need to spend money in the first place. It’s a little different when it comes to a city project that needs lighting–unless city streets are fine without being lit (we tend to think that’s a bad idea). When weighing the cost-benefit of lighting, you may want to look at pricing for solar street lights. Here’s why these lights are cheaper in the long run.

Solar Lighting Saves You Money–Long Term

Even though solar lighting may have a larger price tag up front, what a lot of traditional lighting companies don’t talk about is the price tag listed for connectivity. Putting traditional lights up might seem cheaper at first, but once the price for trenching, wiring, and labor are tacked on, suddenly the price doesn’t seem as attractive. That’s what we take pride in with our solar energy street lights–that connectivity isn’t an issue. Often times we make a deal that saves our customers thousands up front on day one–and that doesn’t include…

Fewer Energy Bills

Nobody enjoys bills, but they’re a staple of life that won’t disappear. That’s why were also proud to mention that our solar lighting systems come with fewer bills. Why? They rely on the power of the sun. We’re sure you won’t be billed by the sun anytime soon. Thousands of our customers are enjoying that they are paying fewer bills because of each solar installation.

Take a gander at the pricing for solar street lights by contacting us today. Or, if you’d like to learn more benefits of solar power and how it can save money, check out our customer success page. We’re in business to help business, and we do it through solar energy street lights. Have an energy-filled, wonderful day.


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