How Temporary Parking Lot Lights Can Solve Debilitating Problems

temporary parking lot lights

Recently, the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) had a power outage that affected several terminals, halted their operations, caused major security problems throughout nearly the entire airport, and forced 21 airlines  to cancel their flights in the span of a few hours. As an airport that sees traffic of 70 million commuters per year, approximately 191 thousand daily on average, safety is an utmost at LAX. A power outage in the middle of transportation operations severely hampers travel for everyone. The power was disrupted approximately 7:30 PM, leaving many stranded and some in the dark, literally. Many passengers needed to be rescreened for security, but thankfully everyone was safe with the power outage. Costly underground power line repair work began the next day. Still, it goes to show that preparation for all emergencies is needed.

While a myriad of problems arose for the airport, power outages such as the one at LAX are a clear problem of how businesses can benefit from solar LED lighting. We discuss here how these special lights can keep commuters safe when Murphy’s Law takes affect–if it can happen, it will, so it’s best to be prepared for the worst. This 5-minute read reveals the truth behind the convenience and monetary value with this specific kind of lighting and how businesses should prepare for even the slightest hiccup.

Temporary Parking Lot Lights (and Their Benefits)

Versatility in a Light

Imagine you’re walking to your car after sundown in a parking lot and suddenly all power drops, bathing the entire lot in darkness. Never an ideal situation. But this is one of the reasons why Greenshine is in the business of temporary parking lot lights–when the power goes out, the lights stay on, and they’re powerful enough to stay on for an entire week! A combination of mono-crystalline solar panels and deep-cycle acid batteries ensures that at night, management can wheel in temporary parking lot lights to keep commuters safe and on their way. They’re versatile enough that they can be lifted anywhere needed–during construction, in the middle of streetways where traffic may be backed up because of low visibility, or in front of airport terminals to keep people moving where they need to go. Some of our lights, such as the Porta series of lights and mobile solar towers, can be moved by forklift or two people, respectively. Wire-free operation is what they’re known for, and when the underground power sources fail (for whatever reason), these convenient lights are ready to bestow bright LED illumination for the masses. Plus, with beefy batteries, they’re well-equipped to last multiple nights without more charging.

Easily Moved with a Forklift or Two People

We’re sure project managers often times can’t have a lighting system that’s permanently stuck in the ground just for a construction zone. Permanent lights installed into the ground aren’t going to solve the problem of needing sufficient lighting to move from place to place. The solution to this kind of problem requires portability, and that’s specifically why we carry our Portas and Mobile Solar Light Towers.

airport perimeter lighting
A light on wheels. What a “bright” idea.

A strong benefit with a temporary lighting solution is that these lights have no permanent connection underground. In short, place ’em where you need ’em! One of our recent projects with Lake Elsinore details how the city used temporary parking lot lights in numerous projects to light specific areas during construction. Not only were they inexpensive enough to reduce their expected bills to pay, they moved the lights throughout different projects to work at all hours of the night. They moved them from spot to spot needing only two people to transport them around their construction lot!

Don’t Bother Digging to Connect ‘Em!

We’ll admit that a solar light is more expensive than a standard light–we’re showing our hand of cards, here. However, what many don’t recognize is the hidden prices for installation and wiring. A temporary parking lot light has no tether to power, so any underground work that needs to be done in order to install lighting can be skipped, saving businesses and companies several thousands of dollars. In total costs, a solar LED lighting system can save businesses and municipalities over 50% on a per-light basis. We’re sure folks like to save money long-term making the right choices when it comes to something as simple as lighting. And with the proper application of a solar street light, you can ensure you won’t be inundated with costly energy bills every month. That drops the bottom line and makes room in the budget for other important things–time and money are never trivial matters in project management. We’ve had customers aplenty seeking lighting solutions that ultimately break the bank. Often times, on day 1 we save our customers money through our lighting systems that avoid trenching labor fees. We saved one customer half a million dollars with one of our installations. That’s part of the total package received with the advent of solar technology we offer at Greenshine.

Whether the lighting system you want is temporary or permanent, our lighting solutions are fantastic to lower your costs, keep commuters safe whenever needed, and also to promote a greener future. We hear that the news media outlets love to scope out businesses with a green initiative too, so maybe if you save money going solar, you can even get the attention of the local masses through a bit of news. If you’d like to learn about how you can save some green while going green, drop us a line and we’ll be in touch shortly.


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