How Temporary Parking Lot Lights Improve a Business

temporary parking lot lights

We’ve been in the lighting business for several years, so we tend to come across some quirky cases of lighting needs. Lighting isn’t always the easiest project to work with around the block, but the good news is that these kinds of projects can be managed easier than you may think. When trying to solve problems of logistics, sufficient lighting, pole placement, which technology to use, and whether or not your project will need lights that can be relocated, it’s important to consider all options. That’s why Greenshine New Energy has one of it’s largest problem-solving solutions for any business entity or city that needs lighting: temporary parking lot lights. Here’s a brief into to these modern marvels of radiance.

Light the Lot with the Best on the Block

The beauty of these temporary lights (we call them Portas, a very fancy name) is that they can be moved around with forklifts to place wherever needed. Sometimes projects in parking lots need sufficient lighting in different spots, and installing permanent lights stuck in the ground and wired to a grid just doesn’t solve the problem of being able to see when the sun isn’t out. Sometimes light needs to be in a different place at a different time, and so portability is a factor. We’ve had a similar case in the past where our customer deterred crime, finished their project, and saved money. We’ll call that a win for the books, all because we thought that companies would need temporary parking lot lights in order to finish their projects. We’re happy to be in business for business using these special lights. But how do they work?

Ultra-Bright LEDs Are the Secret to Success

We use solar LED lighting in order to get the best results. Our in-house wizards decided to combine energy-saving LED lights coupled with solar panels to create portable temporary parking lot lights to illuminate whatever is needed so people can work around the clock. Pulling energy from the sun and re-using it not only makes for a unique light solution, but it also saves on energy bills significantly. One of our customers couldn’t afford digging into the ground to trench for wires, and we saved them over 90 thousand dollars with our solar LED lighting solution, certainly not some pocket change lost in the couch. These lights have high lumen output per watts, meaning they’re brighter with less energy consumption. They’re perfect for any public light.

Solar Lights are the Future

Solar technology used to be incredibly inefficient, but that isn’t true anymore. With an average yield of about 20 percent energy return and a drop in manufacturing costs over the past several years, solar has been paving a way for a newer, cleaner energy. While it’s likely secondary to project budgets, timelines, and bottom lines, using renewable energy in the form of temporary parking lot lights is something to feel good about. You’ll see safety increase, bills disappear, and perhaps even commuters stop to comment that your business has gone green. It’s just a part of what happens when you stick with solar LED lighting trends that we’re setting for businesses throughout the US.

If you’re in need of temporary parking lot lights for your business to complete projects and bring sufficient lighting to your public area, you’re in luck. Our Porta series does just that, and we’re fully prepared to provide a quote for your business. Join us in the trend of going green, increasing safety, saving money, and pleasing your boss with solar LED lighting today. We can’t wait for you to check off the lighting project on your “to do” list with glee.

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