The Revolution of Street Lighting (and What it Means for You)

solar LED street lights

At Greenshine, we love to think. We’re in business to help cities and other businesses to succeed, and that’s why we’ve got lighting experts behind desks, dreaming up new methods of delivering the best value to someone who needs a lighting project finished in a short time span that saves money. We’ve tackled projects that have saved cities so much money that we were invited to speak at companies’ conferences in the past. Some projects we were lauded at being the best in saving cities approximately half a million dollars. We’ve combined the best technologies together to deliver a lighting solution that excels like no other. Want to know the secret to our (and our clients’) success?

The answer lies in solar LED street lighting. Why?

Here’s the breakdown.

Solar LED Street Lighting Uses the Sun’s Power

Back in the 19th century, there was a phenomenon discovered called the photovoltaic effect that literally altered light into energy. Of course, it wasn’t very efficient back then and had no practical application. Nearly 200 years later, the technology has developed to a point where a single solar panel can power a small light for weeks just with a few hours of exposure in sunlight. We’re at the forefront of solar power, and the best thing is that we’re saving businesses some bucks by using this. The clear reason is because of energy costs, but that’s not all.

Skip the Trench, Save the Dollar

A quick search reveals the ugly pricing for trenching. 100 feet of trenching can cost about 400 dollars–a price that people shudder over when 100 feet turns into a thousand feet (we’ll let you do the math). Plus it depends on where you’re trenching too! If you’re digging up dirt, it’s a little easier, cheaper, and less time-consuming. However, breaking up concrete is the exact opposite, and costlier than you might think. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a much cheaper alternative?

Solar LED street lights save cities and municipalities gobs of money simply because they don’t need any underground wiring. Since each light is powered off of the main power grid, the price for the entire project installation drops significantly. We’ve even saved some companies enough money that the pricing for the project was cheaper on day one. Meaning not only do they save money from not spending it on energy bills (the sun is free!), the installation costs for traditional lighting would have been more expensive than installing solar. As Ron Popeil often likes to say, you can (almost) set it and forget it. That’s with the power of solar LED street lights. It makes us feel good to save companies money–kind of a win-win situation if you ask us.

But Wait, There’s More to Lighting

We aren’t just in the business of improving business, we love to put cities on the map. We try our best to develop the most cost-efficient products to bring to cities so commuters, pedestrians, and everyone can go about their day (well, technically night) without having to concern their selves about being able to see. It’s a simple thing, really. So what we’ve done with solar LED street lights is combined highly-efficient solar panels with high-lumen producing bulbs that yield “brighter” results than other technologies. Plus, with each solar light storing energy via a deep-cycle gel acid battery, these lighting behemoths will stay on for days, even when the skies are overcast. Are you in an area that doesn’t get much sun? Fret not, we’ve prepared our systems with larger batteries where needed. The skies could be permanently dark for days, and our lights will still be kicking. When the sun doesn’t shine, our solar LED street lights will.

Bonus Features–Beefy Lights!

We’ve been in business long enough to have over 5 thousand installations across the US, many in states that have stormy weather and year-long cloudy skies. Many of our systems are installed in hurricane-laden states with no problems. The poles for our solar LED street lights can withstand wind gusts up to 145 miles per hour and operate fine in both extremely high and low temperatures. Basically, if it exists, we’ve thought of how it can affect our lights and we address it. We think it says something when we have several fully-automated lighting systems in Seattle, where the sun doesn’t shine very often.

In addition to saving money, remaining resilient in weather, and bringing natural, year-long lighting to streets and public places, our solar lights add a bit of modern technology and attraction to cities. Often times, news outlets and press companies turn their heads at “green” efforts that companies make, marking them as dedications towards positive energy conservation. It’s an added side effect to the smile we see when our clients are happy to hear their bottom line drops.

As far as us at Greenshine New Energy, we’re working hard to get you the most cost-efficient deal–the best price to performance ratio we can develop in-house so your city or business is set with light. If you’re in need of some solar LED street lights, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the benefits we can provide. It really is a “bright” idea.

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