How to Save Money on Lighting for a Business (Hint: Use Solar)

how to save money on lighting

A recent beer brewery in our town had to shut its doors much to the dismay of several brewery fanatics. The bills surmounted and prices had to go up for the brewery, unfortunately, driving away some customers. Ends just couldn’t meet, and that’s the unfortunate situation for a lot of businesses. But the good news is that we have some secrets for businesses: we’ve got details on how to save money on lighting, and not just trivial sums of it either! How? Through the use of solar lighting. This 5-minute read lays it all out for business owners that need to trim the expenses. Believe it or not, lighting is heavily expensive! We’re here to help businesses succeed through reducing lighting bills. Read further to discover the treasure that solar lights hold.

Here’s How to Save Money on External Lighting

Determine What the Project Needs

If your business doesn’t have a previous building (ie you’re starting from an empty lot), some decisions are a little easier. To install lighting for parking lots, you’ll still need to trench and wire to connect each light. This is where lighting tends to be extremely expensive. Depending on the size of your lot, trenching and wiring fees can cost several thousands of dollars.

If the lot in question is already built, installation for traditional lighting would be even more difficult since you’d need to break into the concrete, trench for power, and then repave–that can tack on an even higher bill. So no matter what the situation is–whether it’s a new lot to pave over or an existing lot–solar lights are still perfect for the job. It’s more of a question of how many lights you’d need for full coverage and the type of light fixture. The most common for parking lots is a Type III, a very triangular light fixture that provides a lot of coverage.

Reduced Lighting Bills

“Zero” has a lovely ring to it

You’re probably already aware, but solar lights use the cleanest energy available: it’s from the sun! These lights don’t draw from fossil fuels or local utility companies, so your energy bills for your lights drop to zero. Solar is a fantastic way to save money on lighting since there’s no monthly energy bill to fork over.

Other Ways to Save Money

Got a sign you need lit? Yep, we’ve got a solution for that too! If you’re in need of a solar light for signs, we couple bright LED fixtures with monocrystalline silicon panels for highly efficient lighting solutions. When it’s dark out, customers and commuters can see your sign with ease. Each sign light is self-contained and can be customized to fit whatever size or shape your sign is.


Here at Greenshine New Energy, we’re proud to deliver a lighting solution that combines green energy efforts, reduced bills, highly-efficient components, and an overall lower cost than traditional lighting. We have a combined 30 years of solar knowledge excellence under one roof in Lake Forest, California. If you’re curious about how to save money with lighting, contact us and we’ll be in touch. Thanks for reading!

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