Ways to Enhance Security by Using Solar Powered Lighting Systems

solar powered LED security lighting system

Proper lighting enhances security. That’s an indisputable fact that we stand by. We’ve managed to turn around several crime-ridden areas with a range of our standard light fixtures. We’ve even given examples of how solar lighting improves the rural lifestyle. Sometimes, however, businesses of a kind need something with a bit more punch when it comes to light. Having a lit area doesn’t always make the cut for the needs of a business, and so it’s important to have the right kind of hardware combination to keep equipment and valuables safe. Proper lighting enhances security, but sometimes it’s not enough.

Enter Solar Powered LED Security Lighting Systems

It’s one thing to be illuminated in the act of crime via a bright LED light above the person in question; it’s another thing for them to get away with an act of vandalism without any information for authorities to work with. That’s why it’s possible to pair our solar powered security lights with cameras to ensure the protected is illuminated. You can rest assured whomever might be tampering with your property won’t be at large for long once they’ve been caught on camera.

The Advantage of Solar Powered Motion Lights with Security Cameras

The good news is that our particular security lighting systems use Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights. These kinds of amazing lights waste little energy as opposed to tungsten, incandescent, CFL, high-pressure sodium (HPS), or generally any other kind of light on the market since LEDs have virtually zero heat output. They don’t require any connection to a power grid with the solar panel functionality, and so you can couple them with security cameras just about anywhere necessary (provided the area gets sunlight). Plus, LED technology has developed to outlast CFL and incandescent bulbs. We’re sure a cost of 15 cents per kWh is enough to make some wallets and their owners happier. And when it comes to security, If someone happens to trip the camera’s motion sensor, the light immediately blips on, revealing their identity on camera. Your valuables could be under threat of the next vandal, so consider upgrading whatever lighting you currently have to ensure your equipment is safe and sound.

More than Just a Matter of Light

Sometimes lighting isn’t just a matter of illumination but proper illumination. High-pressure sodium lights and similar lighting technologies typically have poor color reproduction, especially when it comes to footage on cameras. If you want to go beyond theft deterrent to ensure the maximum safety, be sure to use a solar powered LED security lighting system. The color reproduction with LED lights is much more accurate than other technologies–you’d be surprised how clothing colors look under an HPS light vs LED. The stark differences matter when it comes to giving a description of someone and what they’re wearing. What may appear to be a grey hoodie and brown pants are really a white hoodie and black pants in the proper light.

We’re known for solar lighting pretty well; it’s something our team has had a knack for working in with over 30 years of combined experience under one roof in Southern California. We also like to be thought of as crime-fighters–people that bring safety to places where there isn’t any. We certainly don’t wear capes or have secret alter-egos, but rest assured that if you’re using our lighting systems with cameras to enhance security, you’ll see a difference in safety, color, and savings. Just don’t ask where our superhero lairs might be located, that’s confidential. Contact us to learn more about our solar lighting options.

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