3 Ways to Save Money on Public Lighting (It’s Easier Than You Think)

best solar street lighting

We’re in the business of solving problems. Just last week, we had someone call our office thanking us for our help with providing solar parking lot lights for their business. We’ve even been invited as guests to speak at business conferences in the past, marking us as pathmakers in our own field. We don’t mean to boast (well, maybe a little), but the facts are pretty clear; we’re in business for business, and if you’re looking to save a dime on every dollar, you’re in luck. We at Greenshine New Energy offer the best solar street lighting for your illumination needs. Here are the reasons why it’s the best, and we won’t be shy about it.

Long-Term Energy-Saving Lighting Solutions

It’s a bit of a mouthful, but since 2007 we’ve been developing and perfecting long-term energy-saving lighting solutions. One of the secrets is in the usage of solar power. Instead of connecting to a main power grid, we pull power from the sun. Did you know that every hour, the sun bestows upon the Earth over 400 quintillion joules? That’s more than what the entire world population uses in a year. The energy is there, and so are the savings. Utilizing the mono-crystalline solar cells we provide will make sure you get the most efficient solution on the market, turning star-given light into LED light.

Do you enjoy not having to pay energy bills? We sure don’t, and when you use the sun for your energy the savings start to surmount. Please your guests, commuters, boss, and wallet all at once. If you find you have an abundance of solar energy, you can even sell it to the state and earn money. Imagine that–a solar street lighting system using LED lights that pays you money for basically doing nothing. That’s kind of why we call it the best solar street lighting–you can sell stored energy back. But there are other avenues other than just saving and making money on energy, and they’re often times a little hidden out of plain sight.

Trenching Costs Skyrocket the Price

One of the biggest wallet drains for installing any kind of lighting is often times not even the light itself. Lighting needs power, naturally, but in order to power the light without solar energy, you’ll need to connect the light to the main power grid. That isn’t just a plug-and-play matter. You’ll need to dig, and digging gets expensive quick. HomeAdvisor quotes trenching costs are no thrifty matter. Then there’s the cost of wiring and connecting each light to each other. Plus, there’s a fundamental weakness with connecting these lights together, and it’s much akin with what happens to Christmas lights–if one goes out, they can potentially all go out!

Solar lights are powered independently, so each light doesn’t depend on another to deliver power. In the event of a power outage, your solar lights will remain on. Modern problems require modern solutions, and when the power drops, your problem is already solved.

These Lights Won’t Burn Out Anytime Soon

The news about our best solar street lighting is that these ultra-bright behemoths actually use some of the most energy-efficient bulbs. LED lights use directional lighting, so the light doesn’t need to be bounced in any direction. Plus, each LED bulb gives off very little heat ensuring that energy doesn’t get wasted by transferring to heat. That’s more money in your pocket. Are you aware of the longevity of these LED lights?

The light fixtures, panels, and poles are rated to last two decades. That’s right, you can send a kid off to college before you’ll see these start to fail (best case scenario). And we’re sure in those 20 years, mother nature won’t be kind to these lights. They’re rated to withstand high temperatures (naturally), low climates, high winds, and unruly children. We’ve made these things to last through anything short of armageddon. So rest assured that when the light goes up, there’s little chance whatsoever of it coming down. That’s the quality we adhere to.

So there’s our three ways of saving money when considering solar parking lot lights : save on energy costs, save on trenching bills, and save for longevity. That trifecta alone is key to seeing your receipt shrink and energy bills drop to zero. It’s one of the reasons we do so successfully in the solar lighting business–most just aren’t aware of the benefits of solar, so we’re here to educate, save, and make those smiles pop. Contact us if you’d like to learn more–if you enjoy saving money, that is. We’ll bet that’s the case.

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