How to Save Money on Outdoor Lighting

How to save money on outdoor lightingWe know that lighting is particularly expensive, especially when it comes to commercial lighting. Those massive poles and huge lighting fixtures aren’t cheap upfront or over time.

But we’re just like you. We know you want the best bang for the buck.

So how can you save money on outdoor lighting? We’re glad you asked. Read further, because only 5 minutes of your time can possibly save you thousands.

Here’s How to Save Money on Outdoor Lighting

As before, public lighting isn’t cheap. There’s the cost of materials, the labor involved for installation, trenching and wiring, and then the monthly bills of drawing power. Bills add up!

We’ve seen projects that skyrocket into literally millions of dollars. That’s quite the price tag for just being able to see properly at night. The reason for such a high price tag is oftentimes outdoor lighting requires permits, trenching, hidden fees, and plenty of other tacked-on prices that can complicate bills quickly.

But we’ve got a trade secret to reduce your overall installation bill by a lovely 20%. Here’s how:

You can save money on lighting by purchasing outdoor solar parking lights! These lights save on installation, trenching, wiring, and energy bills. Traditional forms of lighting, like high-pressure sodium lights, are often more expensive when you consider the costs of installation and trenching.

You might be wondering, how much can I save per light, then?

The average costs for trenching and wiring just one light that typically costs 3 thousand dollars can tack on an additional 3.5 thousand dollars.

What else do you save with solar lights?

Perfect question. Along with saving a lot of money on commercial lights outdoors from trenching and wiring, solar lights save money over time because there are no energy bills you’ll need to pay.

There’s no costs to solar energy. We’re a big fan of that and we’re sure you are too.

In comparison, only 20 high-pressure sodium lights run at 4170 hours per year will cost 3,350 dollars according to the Dark Sky Society Calculator. That’s an expensive number just to operate the lights above a parking lot. Over the course of 5 years, those 20 lights will rack up a bill of 16,750 dollars.

Or, once again, you could go with solar and save a lot of money on outdoor lighting instead. Buy yourself a boat for making smart decisions.

Additional Benefits

Along with saving money, here are other benefits you get when choosing solar for your outdoor lighting. You might be surprised at all the benefits solar can offer.

Making Money–Tax Incentives Galore

We’re already mentioned how to save money on outdoor lighting. Solar skips a lot of the bills you’d regularly have to pay for traditional lighting, and typically those savings hit on day one.

Would you like to learn how solar can earn you money back, too?

The DSIRE site lists state tax incentives for purchasing solar. Do your research to find what money you can make back–after you’ve already saved several thousands of dollars on your lighting project.

You can also take advantage of the federal solar tax credit. Unfortunately, the total percentage you’ll receive back diminishes every year. For 2020, it’s 26%. Your investment not only saved you money on outdoor lighting, but it made you money.

True-Color Bulbs

A lot of light technology tends to cast an ugly yellow color on parking lots. We’re sure you’ve seen HPS somewhere in your travels–they used to be very popular until people realized how they could save a lot more money with solar.

A yellow light isn’t fantastic for visibility–or for identifying your own car, sometimes. Red tends to show up as black under an HPS light. You can avoid this odd color by getting lighting with a high color rendering index (CRI).

If you want lighting with high CRI, it’s important to purchase LED fixtures that produce a much brighter, more natural color to cast on objects and people.

The good news is we happen to use CREE LED fixtures with extremely high CRI, so all subjects underneath the lighting fixture will have a natural look to them.

Environmentally-Friendly Lighting Solutions

Solar is an incredibly green renewable energy source. You’ve already learned how to save 20% on outdoor lighting, how to make 26% of your purchase back, and how to save money on energy bills. How about saving the environment, too?

Carbon emissions contribute heavily to global warming, which affects our health, damages our environment, and causes a greater energy crisis on the horizon.

Luckily, a lot of cities and businesses have already made the switch to solar. Since solar-powered lighting is more financially viable than fossil fuels already, people are turning on to saving money while protecting the environment.

Get some attention from younger generations and green-energy advocates by purchasing the most environmentally-friendly outdoor lighting on the market.

Solar Lighting in a Nutshell

So, to save money on outdoor lighting, the best option to choose is solar because:

  • you save 20% on overall installation costs on day one
  • you save more over 5 years because of zero energy bills
  • you save on maintenance because solar lights need very little
  • you get more natural, brighter lighting because of LED fixtures
  • you actually make money back through tax incentives
  • you help save the environment, too!

Greenshine New Energy is a solar LED lighting corporation based in Lake Forest, California. We’re often lauded as one of the most successful companies in the renewable energy space because of our two goals with our business–save you money and protect the environment. We do both pretty well.

If you’d like to learn more about how to save money on outdoor lighting with our highly-technical solar systems, please request a quote and we’ll be in touch soon.





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