How to Reduce Your Business Lighting Bills (The “Green” Way)

A populReduce Your Business Lighting Billsar image on the internet has circulated the past few years that contains a simple phrase: “My favorite childhood memory is not paying bills.” We think every reasonable adult would agree that not having to pay bills would be a wonderful thing, but that only exists in a utopia where money isn’t a concern. However, if you by chance are looking to install external lighting for your business, there’s a lighting technology we specialize in that can help you reduce how often you get bills in the mail. It’s said that bills travel through the mail twice as fast as paychecks, but we’re here to inform you how you can reduce your business lighting bills–the answer is through outdoor solar lights. Stick around for this 5-minute read, and you’ll be wiser!

How Can I Reduce My Business Bills Through Outdoor Lighting?

It’s simple, actually. We manufacture outdoor solar lights. What this means for you (and your wallet) is that each light in a lighting system utilizes the power of the sun through the photovoltaic effect, essentially turning light into power. Each photovoltaic cell is composed of pure silicon, and on average pulls about 25% of the total potential power from light. This power, in turn, is stored into a lead acid deep-cycle gel battery for proper storage until the light fixture needs to turn on. The power drain on the battery is minimal since the light fixture uses highly efficient Light Emitting Diodes, saving as much energy as possible while still illuminating the public area in question. Ultimately, that means you can reduce your lighting bills since solar power is free (and clean).

Aren’t Solar Panels Super Expensive?

They used to be! Vox reports that the price of solar panels has dropped 99 percent over the past 40 years. Whereas in the 1970s solar panels were nearly unheard-of, they’re much more common than before. Businesses of all sorts are starting to turn towards solar lighting to reduce their energy bills. Admittedly, the price of a solar light is more expensive up front than traditional lighting (typically about 10% more when the solar panels are included), but the savings over time are well worth the initial investment. Long-term results show a savings of over 50% when compared to traditional lighting installations. And that’s not the only way to reduce your business bills…

Do I Need to Trench for Solar Lights?

Nope. That’s one of the cost-benefits of solar lights. Not only will you see a reduction in bills since you’re saving on energy, you’ll likely see a reduced bill total. Often times the hidden fees for lighting are skyrocketing because of trenching and wiring that you’ll need for traditional lighting (those costs are about 80% of the price per light). We’ve serviced customers in the past that were faced with breaking up an entire parking lot already paved with concrete. We were able to reduce their business lighting bills by several thousands of dollars. We’re sure they celebrated with their bill reduction and probably even used some of the budget to throw a party.

How Else Can I Use Solar Lights?

Solar lights are more versatile than you might think. We’ve got plenty of customers that use solar sign lighting. These are smaller systems that have high applicability since power isn’t immediately available where a business might erect a sign. They’re incredibly l0w-maintenance too–since the panels themselves aren’t very high, you can brush off the solar panel with a cloth every now and then to keep optimal charge rates for the battery. Battery life typically lasts about 5 to 7 years, so there’s almost a “set it and forget it” mentality. Typically, these lights come in three forms–either spot, bar, or canopy in order to direct the light properly. Armed with beefy batteries and mono-crystalline panels, these lights are able to light signage for up to a week without recharging. Rest assured your time and money spent on this specific lighting technology won’t go to waste.

Are There Other Money-Related Benefits?

Definitely! For 2019, the solar investment tax credit earns you 30% percent back on solar installations, so if you have an entire solar lighting installation that costs 30 thousand dollars, you’ll receive 9 thousand back in addition to saving money on reduced bills. We think it’s a particularly beautiful thing–earning money through a lighting system. This doesn’t touch on the several state-level benefits you can research. Be sure to check DSIRE to see what incentives are available for your state. That way you can address more bills as they come.

What It Means to “Go Green”

In addition to reducing your bills and bill total, “going green” is a trend within a lot of businesses and cities that draws a lot of attention. Movements towards using alternative energy sources sometimes catch the attention of the media, potentially drawing in customers for your business–so in addition to reducing your bills, saving over 50% on your lighting installation, and earning money through solar tax credits, your business can be in the spotlight for going solar. We’ve always said positive publicity for using alternative energy is a fantastic thing!

The benefits with solar lighting clearly reduce your business bills by primarily saving you money on trenching and energy usage. Why not take advantage of the power that the sun has to offer? Unfortunately, we can’t get rid of all the bills headed your way–we aren’t wizards in that department–but we might be able to make your business future a touch brighter by reducing your bills through solar lighting. Contact us to learn more.



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