How Solar Powered Street Lighting Saves Your City Money

solar LED street lights and Solar Powered Street Lighting

We’re sure founding and developing a city is never an easy thing. Our hats go off to mayors, city planners, budget wizards, and other key figures in planning to find the best ways to support a city’s operations. We’ll leave the expert work up to you. However, we’re doing meticulous research behind our doors in how to find the best ways to cut corners in energy spending for your city, and the good news is that we’ve slashed city budgets by several thousands of dollars in the past. We’ve got a secret in energy that can let your city prosper, and the answer is in using solar powered street lighting. Read on and we’ll give you the cheat-sheet on how to save more money for your city.

Solar Street Lights Save Energy Bills

There are three ways that these marvelous wonders of science cut your bills significantly. The first method is in that they don’t draw power from the main grid, potentially using energy you don’t need to use. Drawing the power of the sun will let you skip out on each monthly bill.

The second method that solar powered street lighting uses to save you money is through being self-sufficient. Each solar light doesn’t need connectivity to the main power grid, so that means project managers and city planners can skip paying the trenching, wiring, and labor fees altogether. The average price percentage saved ranges from 15 to 20 percent, depending on the project. Put the saved money towards a company party, we won’t tell.

The third method that solar lights save your city money is via tax credits. The current solar tax credit extension can provide a 30 percent return on the initial solar investment–not exactly saving money, but getting money back is always a positive thing. So that’s specifically why we stand by solar street lighting as a method of lighting your city the economical way without cutting corners.

Safety in Solar LED Lights

One technology we haven’t touched on here is in the method of how we light a public area. Our refined methods don’t just use any light slapped at the top of a pole to keep public areas lit. We use solar street LED lights. On top of the money saved from going solar, using LED lights is a great boon to public areas since LEDs are so bright. Alternative methods of lighting tend to be particularly ugly, casting subjects in a stinky yellow light. LED lights have more accurate color reproduction–so what appears to be brown under, say, high pressure sodium lights, will actually have a more natural color. It’s just an extra touch of safety added to the kind of lights we’ve backed for over ten years. We’ve helped pedestrians and commuters stay safe on the streets with solar street LED lights time after time. Saving money and increasing safety are just two of our specialties.

The method of our madness lies in the awesome technology of LED bulbs. We use Cree LED lights in our fixtures for accurate color reproduction with low energy usage. It’s a merging of the best technologies on the market, and we’re proud to offer a solution like solar powered street lighting for public projects.

We’re part of a revolution in saving money, increasing safety, and going green. Take a gander at how your growing city can revolutionize your energy savings by sticking with solar street LED lights. We’re prepared to give you a full assessment for your project. Contact us to learn more.

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