An Example of How Outdoor Solar Lights Benefit Schools

outdoor solar light fixtureOne of the greatest aspects about Greenshine’s outdoor solar lights is our versatility when it comes to where our lights operate. It’s probably the case that you’ve even come across one of our several thousands of installations in the United States. There are, however, more unique projects under our belt that really “shine,” so to speak, and we’re proud to talk about them here. Beyond the parking lots, pathways, streets, and park installations, Greenshine New Energy recently installed solar outdoor light fixtures at Rairok Elementary School in the Marshall Islands. It was one of the most successful projects the company had since a lot of the islands utilize diesel power generators–not the cheapest or cleanest options for power generation.

The Benefits of Solar Lighting on Marshall Islands

Not having any lighting near the playgrounds for Rairok Elementary was a clear problem for childrens’ safety, so Greenshine developed a system of solar outdoor light fixtures in order for safety measures to increase. The engineers at Greenshine designed a 9-light Brighta-40 system coupled with mono-crystalline solar panels to capture the sun all day long and keep that light going all night long. Coupled with Cree LED bulbs, this lighting system was incredibly efficient at taking the sun’s power and turning it back into usable light for everyone to enjoy. The entire system provided over 50,400 lumens with a much more accurate color reproduction than incandescent or high-pressure sodium lights, effectively lighting the area. In addition, the grounds were kept intact because the system didn’t need trenching or wiring. This saved the school significant sums of money.

The Best Lighting Solution for the Money

The outdoor solar light fixtures installed at Rairok Elementary solved the problems of the school by providing cheaper, cleaner energy pulled by energy-efficient solar panels and used by cost-efficient LED bulbs. It’s just simple things like lighting that can “brighten” even a student’s day while keeping bills low and budgets intact. We’re proud to offer the best lighting solutions for the money, not just for Rairok Elementary, but for many other clients as well. If you’d like to be next in line to save money and light up the night, contact us to learn more. The future of lighting is cheaper thanks to solar, and we’re happy to be a part of it.


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