How Municipalities are Saving 20% (with Solar Street Lighting Systems)

solar street lightingYou’re probably here because you are starting a public lighting project that you’re sure will cost an arm and a leg, and you need to find the best coupons to clip in order to appease the powers that be. Put away the scissors and Sunday morning ads. Greenshine is here to quell thoughts that public lighting will be too expensive for your budget. The secret is in solar street lighting, and if you’d like to reduce your bills in installation, trenching, and energy, we can help. Educate yourself with this 6-minute read and you’ll be more prepared to make a decision.

The Deal with Solar Street Lights Price

Why Does Lighting Hit the Wallet So Hard?

There are a number of factors, some of which we’ve been able to eliminate at Greenshine. A lot of money is often required to trench into the ground to bury wires and connect to main electrical grids in order to power lighting fixtures. We’ve seen price tags as low as 4 dollars a foot and as high as twelve. Extra costs tack on sometimes since trenching might even need concrete broken up in order to bury wires. Plus, some public areas may need to be blocked off, creating unsightly areas for commuters. The total cost of trenching is pretty high and can rise to absurd amounts in a multi-light system. With only ten lights, trenching can add a whopping 30 thousand dollars to the total project bill. The energy bill of the same ten-light system can total 1 thousand dollars in the span of one year. You can easily see why footing the bill for a new lighting system can have outrageous costs. That’s why Greenshine New Energy is in the business of saving you money with solar street lighting.

What’s in it for Me with Solar?

Solar power doesn’t just reduce bills, it removes some of them entirely. That 30-thousand-dollar add-on for the bill just to trench? Gone with solar. These lights needn’t be connected to any main power grid. A favorite story of ours is when we saved a company over half a million dollars just by providing a solar lighting system for their needs. We’re sure they were happy about saving more money. Reducing bills and increasing smiles are just a few reasons why we’re in the solar lighting business. That’s specifically why so many municipalities, cities, and government entities are getting off the grid.

What Are the Pitfalls?

We won’t hide facts. Solar energy is directly dependent on the sun, so on an overcast day with a blanket of clouds the panels won’t pull as much power. However, we’ve tested several technologies and know that monocrystalline solar panels are some of the most efficient panels on the market. The technology has developed over time and continues to do so. The energy pulled from the sun will be significant. Even on an overcast day, there’s light to charge the beefy batteries. Street lighting powered by solar panels will last a week on average. The darkest of days still provide energy to fuel LED lights, so rest assured that your stored energy will last you a while.

Be a Savings Rockstar in Lighting

Greenshine has combined 30 years of experience in solar knowledge; we put it to use every day to save companies money. Impress your boss with a shorter receipt and a streamlined budget. You may even get attention from the news about using cleaner forms of energy. Perhaps you’ll have enough room in the budget to hire a catering service for your entire office in celebration of finding the best ways to reduce costs. We just hope we’re invited too. Contact us to find out how you can save more green with Greenshine or browse our applications page to see what kind of lights we manufacture.

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