What the Buy American Act Means (for Solar Lighting)

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We’re sure you are focused on quality when it comes to purchasing anything. You’re like us–when you get a hankering for something, you do your research by going on Amazon, look at product reviews, and educate yourself on what the best bang for your buck might be. That’s human nature. When the dollar goes down, we want to ensure it carries the most weight. It’s also natural to be curious about where the product comes from. That’s why solar street light suppliers in the US focus on the Buy American Act. One of its stipulations states that the end-product must be manufactured in the United States. It’s something that we’re proud to stamp in our catalog so that all customers know they’re buying stateside. It’s part of the quality assurance we give to every customer so they know they’re not purchasing solar street lights that aren’t to a quality standard. What do we feature with our standard? Let’s take a brief look into the details. Time for education!

Our Solar Street Light Quality Standard

Fighting Against Heat

One of the claims to fame that we carry with us is that our solar street lights are resilient to the extremes of mother nature. Naturally, our lights are featured in hot, arid climates where the sun shines often so we expect temperatures to be brutal on our installations. Yes, heat has a negative effect on solar panel power output. The higher the temperature on a solar panel, the higher the current will rise. However, the voltage for the panel has an inverse correlation. The higher the temperature, the lower the voltage! The sun sometimes can be its own culprit at providing power. So what’s one of the ways around this particular solar power problem?

Greenshine has committed to using monocrystalline solar power panels for every project. We’re one of a handful of solar light manufacturers in the United States that solely manufactures all of our solar street lights with mono panels. The secret to our success (and thus savings) is that monocrystalline solar panels are the most efficient at turning sunlight into power. Yes, they’re more expensive and time-consuming to produce. Would we have it any other way? No, because we want to make sure you get the most energy out of the sun as possible with your solar street lights. Using the most efficient solar power solution will garner results. Why compromise since you’re lighting a street?

Performing in the Cold

It’s noteworthy that solar panels actually function well in colder climates! However, the flip side to cold climates is that snow can block the sun from energizing the panel. We tend to combat that by tilting the panels at a happy medium of culling as much sunlight as possible while tilting it just right so snow typically falls off. If it sticks, chances are the snow will melt enough within a day so you won’t even need to do anything. However, if the snow sticks for an excessive time, that’s when you’ll need to call in a professional to knock the snow loose. These high-quality solar panels sometimes need a little bit of care in order to be maximally efficient. We want to make sure your investment gets you the biggest return on energy so those savings skyrocket. When in doubt, call someone to clean up the snow.

Wind is No Match

We’re sure there are concerns with wind too. Fret not! Our solar street lights are rated to withstand gusts of up to 145 miles per hour, so even in category 3 hurricane level winds these massive installations will remain standing no problem. That’s just a part of the quality you receive when you buy American–ensuring that your new street light installation will remain on and up through thick and thin. A recent installation of ours in Guam was hit hard with a typhoon with sustained winds of 95 miles per hour. After the storm blew over, our lights remained up and on. That’s our testament to quality.

The Buy American label isn’t just something to brag about. It means our products are manufactured stateside, so you can ensure you won’t get a flimsy light or pole that will malfunction within a year. If you’re concerned about where our solar street lights come from, how they’re made, and their test of quality, we stand by each solar light system as an example of our commitment to quality. Purchase stateside, and we’ll guarantee your satisfaction with our product. We combine the most efficient solar panel technology with low-energy consumption LED lights on top of climate-resistant poles. Contact us so you can be a part of the newest technology for solar lighting, or take a look how solar can save your business or city money. You’ll find out why we’re one of the top solar street light suppliers in the USA. Thanks for reading.


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