Are Solar Parking Lot Lights Worth the Investment?

are solar parking lot lights worth the investment

You’re here because you want to know if solar parking lot lights are worth it.

Yes. That’s the short answer.

The longer answer? Read further, you’ll discover why they are.

Are Solar Parking Lot Lights Worth the Investment?

A lot of businesses and municipalities look at solar parking lot lights and wince at the up-front price tag. Typically, you’ll pay about 50% more for a solar light over a traditional light because of the additional solar components.

So, essentially, if a traditional grid-tie light costs 3,000, expect to pay about 4,500 for a solar light.

So you might be wondering how is a solar investment worth it?


The biggest hidden cost for a lighting installation is through the trenching for the lights. Feel free to do your research on how much it costs to trench and wire a light, but if you’d rather save yourself the time we’ve done the math.

Costs to trench and connect a single light can skyrocket the project price an extra 3,000 dollars per light, exceeding the total price of solar parking lot lights. Additional prices can add on, especially if the parking lot is already paved over.

Not only will you need to pay for labor to crack the pavement, but you’ll also need to block off that particular section of the lot from customers. During that construction time, you’ll need to find a place to relocate commuters.

Some places don’t even have the time or capability to block off parking lots for lights. We’re talking about a 2-week timespan to shut down a lot, forcing people to park elsewhere. Not ideal.

Plus, it’s unsightly. There’s a reason why construction sites are blocked off with opaque barriers. It’s to keep people out and to hide how it looks.

So, the benefits of solar lighting are worth the investment because you skip all that hassle. You skip the trenching, relocation, unsightly construction, and timespan of essentially shutting the lot down.

Plus, you save the money it would cost to perform all that hassle. One solar project saved the customer nearly half a million dollars.

So how long would it take to install solar lights in a parking lot?

With an average of roughly an hour per solar light, you can have an entire parking lot of 20 lights installed in a weekend, perhaps even in a single day depending on the lot and crew size installing them.


We don’t know anyone who likes getting bills (we sure don’t), but just like roaches, they don’t go away. Thankfully, through solar, you can get rid of your monthly energy bill. The annual cost of a ten-light system (HPS, metal halide, other techs) that doesn’t use renewable energy can cost around 1,500 dollars for energy usage.

Or, you could choose solar and pay 0 dollars annually. We’ll let you decide which you prefer.

The Environment

Green energy is all the rage recently. There’s an energy crisis on the horizon, and every day it gets closer to reality.

Using solar is a way to combat that. With no carbon emissions, nothing to burn, no power to consume (other than solar power, obviously), solar parking lot lights are worth the investment because they save companies and cities several thousands of dollars while reducing our overall carbon footprint.

Think of every public light across the world that uses energy on a nightly basis. It’s unfathomable how much energy is consumed every day, even for just public lighting.

Lighting contributes to 17% of our carbon footprint. That definitely adds to global warming and how severe our storms have become over the decades.

Investing in solar parking lot lights is worth it because you help contribute to the green initiative–saving energy for the future while protecting us and our environment.

Smile, You’re Getting Attention

A lot of municipalities have blazed a path towards going entirely solar. News stations and media outlets recognize efforts in going green. Another reason why buying solar parking lot lights as an investment is because it’s positive for the publicity of a business.

So, if you need more foot traffic (and some boosted revenue in turn), give solar a shot.

We here at Greenshine New Energy are experts at developing solar lighting systems for parking lots. With over 30 years of combined experience, we know how to light a lot properly using the most respected and trustworthy technology on the market. We use CREE LED fixtures to light whatever needed. The solar panels we use are highly-efficient monocrystalline silicon panels guaranteed to charge the batteries that power the parking lot lights.

If you want to save money, time, and the environment, request a quote today and we’ll get busy working for you. Thanks for reading.


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