3 Concerns About Solar Lights Operating in Harsh Winter Conditions

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Solar outdoor lighting is a fantastic method of utilizing green energy while enhancing safety in public areas. We’re aware of a lot of the concerns, however, of companies considering the purchase for solar. Wintertime can be harsh on equipment, especially lighting that requires the sun to operate. Many customers in the past have asked if solar is still a viable lighting option. Put your concerns to rest; solar still operates fine in winter, and our solar outdoor lighting options stand up against wind, rain, snow, and freezing temperatures. Here’s how.

Solar Outdoor Lighting Options and How They Hold Up in Harsh Weather

Solar Light Fixtures Are Resilient in the Snow

We’re sure there’s concern for how solar lights might operate during wintertime. The sun doesn’t shine as often, and expensive equipment in freezing temperatures is bound to be on a CFO’s mind. As much as there might be cause for concern with solar light panels in sub-zero temperatures, they’re designed to hold up!

Many of our light panels are tilted to ease the rolloff of snow, so even during a nasty storm, the solar LED lights won’t gather piles of snow and damage the installation. We considered all kinds of climate when designing our lights–they are meant to take a beating and keep on gleaming. If you’re concerned about the effect of drastic temperature changes on the installation batteries, we have options to bury the batteries to prevent volatile temperature fluctuations. You’ve got options, and we’re happy to deliver them.

Less Light, Permanent Night?

We don’t need to tell you there’s less sunlight in winter, nor do we need to tell you that less sunlight can affect solar lighting. That’s a simple, clear fact to everyone, so it’s intuitive to think that solar-powered devices don’t function well during the winter. Well, we thought ahead again, and ensured our product contradicts a lot of the worries about solar. Here’s how.

Even in rain-heavy localities with a near-permanent overcast cloud, current solar technologies are still capable of culling light. Our solar panels rate at 50 percent as efficient when light struggles to break through the clouds. That’s not all: in developing our product, we decided to include some of the heftiest batteries on the market–batteries that will keep our solar lights running for up to 14 days. That’s right, even without constant sunlight during the darkest times of the month, our solar lights will operate for a fortnight. Rest assured that light will be around when there isn’t any–unless the sun dies out.

Proper Light Means Proper Solar Panels

The idea behind solar is we want to maximize potential energy gain on a daily basis. During the course of a year, the sun follows a different path every day. The sun sheds light differently on the planet during the winter months, so what’s the best practice with gathering the energy from the sun?

Our solar light panels are customizable to any angle! Follow the sun’s path to ensure the top efficiency for each of your panels. Not sure what angle you need? We’ve got people that can calculate the proper angle and help you determine where to face the panels to ensure power is maximally delivered to your new solar installation.


We could go on about why our solar light fixtures hold up in winter, but we’ve given you the main three points. Just remember, we have a combined span of 3 decades of work in solar. If you’re in the market to save some green, we specialize in that. If you’re in the market to go green, we specialize in that too. Just keep in mind that solar light fixtures aren’t just for when the sun is out, they’re built to last several years through thick and thin, light and dark, cold and hot. Find out the easy way what makes us one of the most trusted brands in solar. Browse our customer case studies or contact us if you have any questions. Have an energy-filled, wonderful day.

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