solar lighting for signs and solar sign lights and solar powered sign lights

How to Skip the Costs for Trenching with Solar Sign Lighting

solar lighting for signs and solar sign lights and solar powered sign lights

We know the story–the boss wants a sign lit, the budget is slim, and someone is getting phone calls off the hook about when a light will be installed so customers can find your place of business after hours. We’re sure many customers don’t appreciate an unlit sign after dark when they’re trying to find your business location. A loss of business means a weak bottom line, and installation for a lit sign or a simple light just isn’t in the numbers. We’ve got a solution for you that might pique your interest: solar sign lighting. If solar is new to you, read on and we can save you some money.

The Facts are in the Finances

The biggest cost with lighting anything these days is purely trenching; we’ve saved some customers several thousands of dollars on day one of installation for their solar lighting systems. We’ve received quotes directly from our salespeople that state our customers have saved at most 20 percent with solar powered sign lights. That’s just initial savings. Plus, we’re sure our customers don’t like seeing monthly bills drawing energy from the main power grid. Use the power of the sun to illuminate signs and landscape.

What if Solar Power Doesn’t Work Well for Signs?

We’ve got a pretty strong idea of the landscape in terms of how solar operates across the states. If you’re worried about overcast days darkening more than just the sky, rest assured that solar isn’t going to quit out on you day one. Our solar powered sign lights are actually rated to last up to an entire week, even with an entire day of dark stratus clouds blocking out Earth’s closest star. We’ve got batteries that store the solar energy that can be buried to avoid unsightly bulk around your business sign. Or, if you prefer, you can keep the batteries above-ground for easier access when you need to change them. Just to be clear, batteries to power solar lights last up to 5-7 years. If you want to bury the battery, 5 years is a pretty lengthy time to start digging again. Regardless, you’ve got power for your solar sign lights even if the sun doesn’t show up for a few days.

We’ve done the math and know the finances behind the figures. If you’ve got a sign that you need to light, save the money up front and go with solar lighting for signs. We’re pretty certain the sun will rise tomorrow, just as it has today and yesterday. That’s something you can rely on just as much as our products. Contact us to learn more about our solar sign lights and knock 20 percent off your bill up front.

solar LED parking lot light and solar mailbox lighting

The Lowdown on LED Lights

solar LED parking lot light

You may have heard the term LED before tossed around in computer lingo or “geek speak” as they call it, but there’s less geek to the truth of what an LED is. A light-emitting diode has been a popular light source in technology, consumer electronics, and even traffic lights. Thankfully today, LED technology has evolved to useful applications such as solar LED parking lot lights. Here’s some background on them and how they developed into what they’re used for today.

Where Did LEDs Come From?

The rise of LEDs started with the discovery of electroluminescence. The first LED was developed in 1927 by Oleg Losev, although there was no application for such an early light. The first LED with visible light was actually produced in 1962 by Nick Holonyak. Since then, small developments in the technology for LEDs have seen the device blossom into technology used in every day life, such as remote controls for consumer electronics. They only had capability to emit infra-red light, but they certainly weren’t powerful to light anything like a parking lot. However, eventually the technology developed to be perfectly paired with solar power so that eventually we could develop solar LED parking lot lights for businesses, cities, and public entities. But why does that even matter?

Parking Lot Lights and How LEDs Have Changed the Lighting Game

It turns out LED lights are perfect when paired with solar power because of their low energy consumption and brightness. LED lights use significantly less power than incandescent bulbs and have a greater lumen output than filament lighting. It’s basically a much higher “return on investment” when it comes to how much light is produced per unit of energy put into the bulb. When you add solar power to the mix, you’re combining an endless supply of energy, a low-energy consumption bulb, and a high lumen output. A trifecta of positives wrapped into a solar lighting solution with multiple applications. But what does that mean for a business that invests in solar LED parking lot lights?

Fewer Bills, Fewer Headaches

The biggest impact when you combine LEDs with solar power is that savings go skyrocketing. Businesses we’ve helped in the past have saved several thousands of dollars because they dodged the costs of trenching and wiring. We’ve saved cities and municipalities a wealth of money by using solar mailbox lighting and other projects that cut costs and put money back into business development. The savings secret is in the solar design; each solar LED light is independent of power and thus doesn’t need trenching, wiring, or connectivity to operate. Combined with low energy costs (virtually none) and high-lumen-output bulbs, we think we’re onto something. Several other businesses do as well.

Solar LED Parking Lot Lights in a Nutshell

A fully-operational, self-sufficient, high-output, low-energy, cost-effective parking lot light using LED bulbs–we think that’s one way businesses can save some green while going green. It’s all because of the combination of solar power and LED lights; two modern marvels combined to bestow light upon public areas. It’s a little bit of genius, we think. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how solar LED lights can save you gobs or read up on the technology we use.

solar lighting business and

The Benefits of Solar Lighting Projects for the Masses

solar lighting company and solar lighting business

Many folks may be wondering what the benefit of solar lighting projects for businesses may be. It’s not very apparent to the public when a company goes solar to light their businesses and public lots. We have a few reasons listed here why solar is better for everyone! It’s all through the power of light.

How Does a Solar Lighting Project Benefit You?

It’s quite simple, actually. Think about the bottom line of a business. In order to make money, a business is required to spend money. But often times the business can cut corners and find solutions that don’t require top-dollar investments. That’s one of the reasons why our solar lighting company, Greenshine New Energy, has fully invested in lighting for business–less money is spent on lighting projects and more money is saved towards other business aspects, passing the savings onto the consumers. We’ve had such huge success in the past saving businesses and cities money that we’ve had customers plan to purchase more projects for further lighting solutions. It’s almost as if solar lighting projects are trending for businesses! We’re pretty certain that’s the case these days.

How Does a Business Benefit from Solar?

Solar lighting companies benefit the business by installing lights that require no power grid connectivity. Each light operates independently from the power of the sun. What’s better is there are even portable solar lights available so companies can move them from place to place to use them however needed! We once saved a company over 500 thousand dollars because they avoided trenching to bury electrical wires, and the savings continued because they had no energy bill to sustain the lights! That saved dollar passes on to everyone, improving the economy and even reducing the carbon footprint.

We’re Greenshine New Energy, a solar lighting company that saves corporations the money they need to succeed. A successful company passes the savings onto their products and services, which in turn benefit the consumer. In addition to saving businesses several thousands of dollars, we reduce carbon footprints–it’s a welcome side-effect to going off the grid! We’re making strides to fattening wallets in the lighting industry. If you have a solar lighting project on the horizon, feel free to contact us and learn more. Thanks for reading!

solar energy vs fossil fuels

News Alert: Solar Energy is Cheaper than Fossil Fuels

solar energy vs fossil fuels

We’ve been crunching the numbers at Greenshine New Energy and are proud to report that the debate with solar energy vs fossil fuels is over: solar energy is cheaper than fossil fuels! Here’s what that means for you:

Solar Power is Definitely a Cheaper Solution

It’s been a long time in the making–over 150 years, in fact–to see solar energy efficiency rise and the price of it to drop. You can take advantage of this if you’re planning on solar lighting for a parking lot or similar project where you need self-sustainable, independent power to light an area. Initial prices may be favorable towards traditional, on-grid lighting, but the money saved beyond day one beats out the pricing for traditional. We’ve had success stories where the client who chose Greenshine saved 50 thousand dollars up front by avoiding trenching. That’s a lot of money to put towards other projects!

Solar Power vs Fossil Fuels: Just Cleaner

We like to brag a little when it comes to using renewable energy sources–so feel free to brag as well when you install your solar lighting for a parking lot that you’re the “greenest” on the block. Join the newest generations in the push to go green and skip burning coal or fuels–the Earth thanks you!  That’s just one of the reasons why the debate between solar power vs fossil fuels is over: there’s nothing to burn, only energy to take advantage of.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Traditional Lighting

We’ve heard nightmare stories of one lone wire getting struck, rendering an entire lighting system kaput. Other stories detail customers that need to spend 90 thousand up front just to bury wires for their new lighting. Avoid the pitfalls and find the cheaper solution that will stay on all night long: solar.

Plenty of our clients in the past continue to communicate with us on more and more projects in the future. Solar is a growing trend we’re happy to be at the front of, and so we invite you to take a closer look at how switching can save you literally thousands of dollars for your lighting project. Contact us to learn more and see the real benefits.

solar parking lot lights

Why Solar Parking Lot Lights are a Good Investment

solar parking lot lights

Environmentally sound, easy on the wallet, and resistant to extreme weather conditions are just a few ways to describe solar parking lot lights. When they’re paired with ultra-bright, super-efficient LED lights, these kinds of lights can help you achieve energy-saving and money-saving standards unheard of through traditional methods of lighting. Here’s a few reasons why.

You’ll See a Reduction in Cost

LED lights are up to 80 percent more efficient than many other kinds of lights. LEDs draw significantly less power and convert 95 percent of their supplied energy to light. Together, with solar power, they create one fantastic set of solar parking lot lights. The photovoltaic (PV) panel charges the battery during the day (yes, even in overcast situations and winter-time) and the integrated battery keeps the light burning all night. You’ll notice the change in the monthly energy bills–there won’t be any. In addition to fewer bills, solar lights require no trenching to connect to grid power–the savings are up front and over time. Often times installed solar projects are cheaper than traditional on day one because the trenching costs with traditional exceed solar.

Improved Safety in Parking Lots

Parking lots at night can unfortunately be heavy targets for criminals and vandals. We have scores of success stories of how solar LED lights have reduced crime and helped pedestrians feel safer at night. We’re happy to be a leading provider of lights that, frankly, fight crime!

Save Some Green, and Go Green

Along with stupendous benefits of saving money long-term and keeping safety high in public areas, solar parking lot lights have significantly smaller carbon footprints on the environment. These lights aren’t burning anything or releasing toxic chemicals into the air. They’re pulling power from the sun and returning it to us via LED lights.

It’s a triple-whammy inside of a perfect package–solar LED lights that save money, protect people, and remind ourselves that we have one planet to live on. Take care of all three problems by going solar today. Contact us to learn more and see how you can take advantage of everything that the sun has to offer you.

industrial solar street lights and commercial solar lights

The Markets That Can Benefit from Industrial Solar Lights

industrial solar street lights and commercial solar lights

We’re sure many out “in the field” wonder if they can benefit from industrial solar street lights. It’s not always apparent to every business owner or project manager how solar can revolutionize energy costs. We’re here to “bring to light” some markets that can benefit from solar lighting and what that means. What’s for certain is all of them can save money.

Industrial Solar Street Lights Help the Military

Probably the largest overlooked market for solar lights is indeed the military! In the past, we’ve solved several military-related problems of transportation, logistics, and general operations. One such previous case entailed a military convoy from Camp Villere delivering supplies across a bridge at night. The bridge was so distant that connecting any lighting to the “main grid” would have been overwhelmingly expensive. Industrial solar street lights came to the rescue and saved the camp a massive bill. Win one for Greenshine with Camp Villere!

Municipalities Benefit Too!

We’ve got a wealth of different commercial solar lights that benefit cities. Often times we have clients that have a problem of gigantic trenching bills that they can’t–or don’t want to–pay in order to establish power to new lights. They’re able to skip out on trenching and expensive bills by going solar. Solar lights, whatever the kind, rely on the power of the sun which is why they aren’t restricted to main power grids to fire up. We’ve got several thousand commercial solar lights in cities across the US–even in states where the sun doesn’t shine that often. Chalk it up to the ever-giving energy from Earth’s lamp in the sky.

Industrial Solar Lights for Parks and Recreation

Truth be told, parks and recreational areas are high benefactors on our list for solar lights, too. Imagine you’re the project manager for your public park and you need an area lit that doesn’t have power connectivity. What’s there to do? Dig up the ground? Block off a section of the park and deny public access while you mess with the beautification of the area? Or should you go solar and skip all of the mess? Solar wins in this category, easy.

Whether it’s industrial or commercial solar lights you need, we’ve got it in store, powered by the greatest energy source to the human race. Join the energy revolution that’s turning cheaper and more efficient by the day: solar power. We’re sure you’re aware of the best decision to make when it comes to light. Contact us to learn more.

Solar lights for business

How Commercial Solar Lighting Will Affect Your Business

Solar lights for business

There are plenty of folks in contracting that aren’t aware of the benefits that commercial solar lighting can bring to a business. We’ve held conferences and meetings to discuss the benefits of solar with contractors and project managers that admitted they weren’t aware of what benefits solar can bring to their plate. Here’s a quick rundown of how a corporation can benefit from going solar. 

You Will Save Money

None of us like monthly energy bills, and we’re sure you won’t like getting a bill in every month to power 20 huge lights that burn for 10 hours a day. Skip the bill by using commercial solar lighting! Once the lights are in place, you won’t receive any energy bill because the solar lights pull power from the sun. We consider one less bill a pretty good thing.

Operate Independently from Conventional Lighting

One benefit that’s often overlooked is that in the event of a power outage, the solar lights won’t be affected! They remain self-sufficient and independent from grid power, so rest assured in stormy weather or just a case of Murphy’s Law that these solar lights are immune. Keep your public area or lot shining while the rest of the area lies in darkness.

Commercial Solar Lighting Earns You Money

Believe it or not, there are tax credits that you can earn simply by going solar. Filing for this tax credit will save you a strong percentage of mulah, so you’re not just saving on energy bills–you’re getting money back, too! The system pays for itself over time. There are more tax credits available by state as well. Be sure to do your research so you can get more back.

Greenshine New Energy is proud to provide business-owners and contractors the newest method of saving money: going green with your lighting system. Contact us today and find out just how much money you can save. Spend less, gain more! That’s just what we do here.

best solar lighting systems

The Cost of High Temperatures on Solar Lighting

best solar lighting systems

We hate to use a cliché, but weather isn’t a drop in a bucket. We’ve got our best solar street lighting in some of the most unkind places in regards to wind, rain, snow, and heat. We’ve even talked about how snow can harm solar efficiency in the past. For this particular topic today, we’ll be talking about how heat can affect solar lighting health and how to prevent high temperatures affecting your solar installation.

What Heat Does to Your Solar Street Lighting Systems

There’s a bit of a conundrum in solar energy. Panels operate best where they receive optimal light, but that also suggests they receive a lot of heat simultaneously–which means solar efficiency drops. With each solar street light installation, there’s what’s called a temperature coefficient. As the temperature of a solar panel increases, the power output actually decreases. Pay attention to the temperature coefficient, which sates per every 1 degree in Celsius that the panel rises above 25 Celsius, the power output drops (generally). So if your panel is rated at a -.189 degree power rating, every degree it rises results in a .189 percent power loss. A single degree isn’t very significant, but as a panel’s temperature rises it will eventually produce significantly less power.

What to Do Against Rising Temperatures for Solar

Luckily, Greenshine New Energy develops the best solar street lighting against the dangers of high heat. Environments that reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit every now and then won’t affect your solar street lighting systems, but if there’s a constant exposure in that kind of environment, our engineers can step in and devise systems to protect from such detrimental climates.

It’s a catch-22 with solar power because solar panels operate best in sunny environments, but tend to lose power efficiency when they get hot–in sunny environments. We do our best to combat heat and find the narrow middle for our solar systems to operate. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

solar panel maintenance and solar panel repair and how to clean a solar panel

How to Clean Solar Panels: A Brief Guide on Solar Panel Maintenance

solar panel repair and solar panel maintenance and how to clean a solar panel

We would be lying to you if we said equipment lasts forever. We wish it could, but sadly the nature of equipment is that it will eventually fail. Wear, tear, and time effect equipment of all sorts, and sadly nothing is invincible. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t extend the life of something through proper preventative maintenance. That same rule thankfully applies to lighting fixtures of all sorts. If you’re thinking about making the jump to solar-powered lighting, we’ve prepared a must-read for you to understand how to properly do solar panel maintenance so your investments and purchase cycles last longer. Some of the facts about maintenance are actually simpler than you might realize.

The Good News: There isn’t Much Solar Panel Cleaning Required

You’ll be happy to know that your investment doesn’t need much maintenance to begin with! Some of the biggest reasons are because solar panels are self-standing and aren’t connected to each other–unlike Christmas lights, where if one goes out, the rest of them go out too. If you’re mainly concerned with how to clean solar panels, you might think that you’ll need some special cleaning solution or that there’s some cleaning contraption you’ll need to drop a few hundred dollars on to properly clean the panel.

Nope! Solar panel cleaning takes soap and water! We’re happy to stand by a product that does some complex stuff behind the scenes–literally turning light into power–that requires little effort in cleaning. If your solar LED lights are in rain-heavy areas, let mother nature do most of the cleaning for you. If you’re in an arid climate, you might need an occasional de-dusting or heavier cleaning cause of rogue leaves or pesky birds in the area relieving themselves on the panel.  And if dirt just gets caked on for whatever reason, a simple brush with soap will do. Other than that, cleaning is a breeze. You just need to reach the panel and light. We’ll leave that task up to you. It’s best to clean when the panels aren’t in direct light or heat so water doesn’t evaporate quickly.

Snow, Rain, Wind–an Unkind Mother Nature

Weather isn’t your best friend when it comes to proper solar panel maintenance. A thin layer of snow on the panels can spell doom to the energy stored for the lights. We’re here to give you a few tips on how to properly combat weather so it doesn’t combat your solar investment.

In regards to snow, climbing a ladder nearby and using a brush should do the trick. If you’re not able to climb, throw a light-impact ball towards the panel and that should jar the panel enough to knock snow loose. As far as wind, rest assured that the poles the solar lights are constructed with are rated for high winds–we don’t make our poles out of some flimsy aluminum. Worry not about wind. And the glass over the panel shields the panel from pelting rain. Rain actually cleans the panel off anyhow, so nature sometimes hands you a favor when dark clouds come rolling in.

Solar Panel Repair: When Things Go Bad

As before, sometimes technology goes bad–it’s just Murphy’s Law. Solar panel repair is necessary at times, but it’s important to know that there are warranties that are offered for panels. Instead of diving into unknown territory with repair, check with your supplier to ensure everything is still under warranty.

Greenshine New Energy has 10-year warranties on our panels integrated into our lighting kits, so even if your favorite band goes out of style within the next decade, we’ll be there to help you out. Contact us for more information about going solar.

commercial solar light post

Is it Possible to Re-Use Existing Poles and Concrete Bases From Old Lights?

commercial solar light post

So you’re probably here because you already have a lighting system in place. Perhaps something happened and now your entire light infrastructure has gone out due to one small mishap in the wiring, or perhaps the whole shebang is kaput. The wallet is slim and so are your options, so you want to keep the existing poles without installing new ones. The good news is that yes, you can “retro-fit” solar powered pole lights onto existing poles. The bad news is not with every pole.

If You’re Not Using a Solar Lamp Post…

What matters most is in the construction of the light fixtures. Our solar light fixtures are behemoths that are normally built with poles that can withstand temperature changes and 140 MPH wind gusts–we’re not talking some flimsy foundation here. So if there’s a retro-fit operation to be done instead of using commercial solar light posts, it’s a viable job if the original pole is built like a brick house–wood or concrete poles from city installations fare well. Poles from older light installations aren’t as viable, and if the foundation isn’t solid, the pole won’t be either.

If there are still burning questions if you want to move to a full solar installation, feel free to contact us and ask about your current situation. We’re willing to work with you on whatever solar light installation you need, so if you have sturdy poles in place for a retro-fit installation, excellent! If your old lighting system looks like a strong gust of wind can knock it over, we can provide better options to see your project revived and completed. After all, if you’re going to invest in solar, it’s important to ensure it can withstand what mother nature may throw at it. We’re Greenshine New Energy, where poles aren’t monkey business to us. Contact us for more information.