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Brilliant Ideas for Beautiful and Functional Solar Lighting

Commercial solar lighting has quickly become one of the most popular tools for innovation in America. Municipalities and businesses are switching over to solar lighting as a cost-effective and efficient solution to reduce their energy bills and take part in the green movement. Here are a few unique application ideas where you can install outdoor solar lights.

Pathway Lighting

Pathway solar lighting is very popular among environmentalists due to its renewable energy source and ability to preserve the natural environment by not adding any light pollution. Installing and maintaining the light posts is easier to ever thanks to solar lighting systems off-grid system, which saves upfront on trenching and long term energy and maintenance bills.

Greenshine produces solar pathway lighting with durable LED lights that can not only outshine traditional lamp posts, but will cost nothing in the electricity bill of the district. These solar pathway lighting posts contain a solar panel, and are completely autonomous. To have a beautiful and durable light in your favorite park or street, ask your local officials to obtain these marvels of technology.

Bike Lane Lighting

Much like pathway lighting, bike lane lighting provides guidance to outdoor enthusiasts. However, it is maybe even more important to have strong and durable light on bike lanes. Cyclists move fast, so being able to see potential obstacles in time is paramount. Solar lighting collects sunlight during the day and uses the stored energy for lighting the pathway during the night.

Perimeter Lighting

 Perimeter lighting uses powerful LED floodlights to illuminate the perimeter of a storage yard, boat dock, military bases, etc. A large advantage of solar-powered perimeter lighting is that even during a power outage, these units are independent of one another or any central grid, so they will resume functioning. This type of lighting is best when you need to illuminate a large, spacious area and ensure the safety of your community by guaranteeing continuous light even in the most dire conditions. 

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is dually decorative and function, serving as a function of beauty and safety. Bollard lights are a type of autonomous, decorative light mainly used for lighting pathways and gardens.  Solar projector lights and solar washer lights are used for illuminating monuments or landscapes in parks. Projectors are small and rounded, but they have powerful beams that provide ample light to light the surrounding area. Similarly, washer lights are in the shape of a rod, similar to a standard neon light.

Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lots are the most common and sought after type of solar street light. If you drive at night,  you want your parking lot to be properly lit to ensure the safety of you and your personal belongings. Greenshine offers an amazing parking lot lighting system  completely powered by solar energy that include strong, durable LED lights that will perfectly illuminate your parking lot for the night.

Sign Lighting

If you are a business owner, you know the importance of marketing and how a sign can benefit your business in multiple of ways. Illuminate your sign with a flood of pure LED light. 

Roadways & Highways

Roadway and highway lighting is a major application of solar lighting. Most commercial grade solar lights can be easily installed on the side of roadways and highways since there is no underground wiring or trenching involved, making the installation process quick and easy.


Airports are a great place to install solar outdoor lighting systems, since they provide safety for planes and workers at night. Our engineers can design these lights to line the runway and optimize the distribution pattern to ensure maximum lighting for the layout of the airport. Greenshine designed an airport lighting project where we installed dark sky compliant solar lights on the main road to provide the safety and security the project demanded.

Parks & Playgrounds

Solar park lighting has recently become very popular among municipalities across the country, because it is a green technology that produces little light pollution and preserves the natural environment. Since solar lights are off the grid, installing these lights near a playground is perfect as they can be easily installed without major construction to the playground area. Lighting up parks and playgrounds will increase attendance to these facilities and allow park departments to host more events at these locations in the early morning or at night.


One popular area for solar lighting is hospitals since they can continue operating during the installation phase of these lights. The dusk-to-dawn technology of these lights are perfect for hospitals since they can set the exact time for the lights to turn on and off for efficient energy use. The most popular types of lights for hospitals are solar parking lot lighting and perimeter lighting so patients and their guests can feel safe and secure even at night. Last year, Greenshine installed 50 solar parking lot lights for the Palomar Hospital in Escondido, CA, saving them an initial $500,000 in upfront costs.

schools & universities

Many schools and universities have recently been choosing to use solar lighting systems because they save schools roughly $3000 over a 10 year period compared to traditional lights, which the schools can use to reinvest in their students. These institutions typically choose to install solar parking lot, security, and pathway lights for their projects. Since solar outdoor lights use LED technology, they are higher quality and more energy efficient, allowing these schools to install less and save more in upfront costs.

The 2018 Greenshine New Energy $1,000 College Scholarship Contest Winner

Congratulations to the 2018 Greenshine New Energy $1,000 College Scholarship Contest winner:

Amy Figurski

Lampasas, TX
Texas A&M

Entrants were asked to write an essay expressing how they think green energy technology will change in the next 30 years and what the impact on our lives will be

We received more than 200 submissions from students in the U.S. and Amy came out on top. They took home $1,000 for their thoughtful, engaging essay, which we’ve published here with their permission:


2018 Going On 2048

Picture this: It’s the year 2048. You awake to the delightful sizzling of bacon being made by your own personal kitchen robot, and you’re momentarily served breakfast in bed. Your electronic closet has already laid your clothes out for you, and the shower in a can is patiently awaiting to cure your stink. Within only a few minutes, with the help of these beneficial creations plus dozens of others, you’re heading out to work– traveling in your self-driving car, of course. Crazy to think about, right? May even sound a bit impossible? Technology is constantly improving, and is sure to drastically transform as the upcoming years fly by. I believe the next thirty years hold unbelievable technological advancements for our society– from cell phones to solar power, and everything in-between.

When I picture the future, I see one where issues we are forced to trudge through today have been obliterated by genius projects. For example, car accidents are absolutely unheard of, for all cars can only drive/fly themselves. I also see there being a way doctors can purposefully erase one’s memories, which would very much benefit those who suffer from PTSD, childhood abuse, and so much more. Additionally, cancer will finally be cured, and wretched sicknesses are no longer able to take our dearest loved ones away from us. Although these hopes for the future may seem impractical to some, I am confident in the light at the end of the tunnel, and am certain that the majority of the bumps we come across in the rocky  road today will be smoothed out in tomorrow’s paved route.

Though it can be entertaining to think about the never-ending outcomes our near future potentially holds and how they’ll impact both ourselves and the generations to come, it’s not often that we think about the serious side, which, ironically, should be at the top of the list of our main concerns. Earth today has more than enough severe issues– such as pollution, climate change, as well as detrimental animals going extinct. With the path we’re on, we could easily end up like the Disney movie, “Wall-E,” where all citizens of the Earth are eventually forced to live up in outer space due to the world’s steady increase of ultimately poor living conditions.

We have always been extremely dependent upon burning fossil fuels that transform into energy; however, using nonrenewable fossil fuels, like that of oil, gas, and coal, is quickly coming back to bite us, and is turning out to be a pretty significant issue. For instance, climate change is becoming a larger problem as time goes on– the main source behind it being our utter reliance on these fuels. Our continuous use of fossil fuels has led to outrageous amounts of pollutants infecting our, once clean, air and water. Over the past years, the demand for fossil fuels has skyrocketed along with amounts of prices and sizes of energy bills. We have become so accustomed to leaning on fossil fuels, for we’ve never seen a life without them in it. Be that as it may, where will we turn when these nonrenewable sources suddenly run scarce?

Green energy is the obvious solution to this predicament. Clean, renewable energy has always been right at our fingertips. Green energy comes from natural sources such as sunlight, wind, rain, and geothermal heat (to name only a couple). These energy resources are renewable, meaning they’re naturally replenished. In complete contrast, fossil fuels are a resource that take millions of years to develop and are slowly diminishing as we continue using them. With a softer impact on the environment, using renewable energy will help to protect our planet by reducing the crazy amount of carbon emissions that we produce. By using renewable energy sources, we will also reduce our continuous dependence on fossil fuel gas and oil reserves, which means that we can successfully avoid the rising cost of energy bills and improve our energy security.

I strongly believe that a majority humankind in the near future will intelligently turn to renewable resources in hopes of preserving our Earth. By the year 2048, I predict our fossil fuels will run out, forcing those who refuse to accustom to renewable sources to jump off the fossil fuel train, or to suffer. As soon as we rid ourselves of fossil fuels, our lives will be lived more efficiently and the human race will leave a much smaller, healthier impact on the world. Fingers crossed, in all seriousness, we will never have to endure the challenge of frantically searching for another place to live, or considering death because of the mere fact that Earth can no longer withstand to provide for our lives.

Great work, Amy! Best wishes to you throughout your college career and beyond.

Everything You Need to Know About Solar Parking Lot Lights

Solar is one of the fastest growing industries in the world due to it’s cost-effective technology and the fact that it is a green alternative with high energy output. Many business owners and commercial property owners are switching over to commercial solar lights as a viable option for green energy to power their areas. In fact, one of the most popular alternatives for businesses is to invest in solar parking lot lights. To learn more about this opportunity, here is everything you need to know about commercial solar lighting for parking lots.


What Are They?


Solar parking lot lights are a commercial solar lighting solution for parking lots. These products are typically led parking lot lights and include a solar PV panel, a solar charge controller, and a LED light. To learn more about the basics of solar parking lot light, check out this article on the design basics of the solar light.


What Are Their Benefits?


Solar lights are a great option for parking lot lighting since they are off grid and require no trenching. They take little time to install and won’t damage your parking lot in the process. These lights are compatible with all types of parking lots and provide a green source of energy, which reduces long term energy costs and brands your business as an eco-friendly facility. When compared  to traditional led parking lot lights, solar parking lot lights are the best choice for your business.

How Much Do they Cost?


When deciding on lighting for a parking lot, cost is the first consideration. Although many hold the notion that solar power is more expensive, solar is actually less expensive than its traditional counterparts. In fact, solar lights are about 30% cheaper than their counterparts over a 10 year period, making it the most budget friendly option for your project.


Solar parking lot lights are no different. They still offer the most cost-effective, long term solution to optimize the energy efficiency of your business or commercial property. Depending on your needs, solar powered parking lot lights will use overall less energy than standard lights because of its innovative technology, including a dusk-to-dawn feature that will only turn on the lights according to your time specifications. Most parking lot lights also use LED, since they are more effective than regular lights. LED lights for parking lots are about 80% more efficient than other types of lights, so you will convert the most amount of energy possible.


How to Install These Lights?


There are a few factors to consider when installing a LED parking lot light.


Before you install the lights, you need to figure out what your specifications are. Get the blueprints of your area to determine how large it is and lighting engineers will figure out where to put the lights for maximum lighting. Next, you need to determine your lighting requirements and needs. How much illumination do you need? Do you want dark sky compliant lights? Do you need all night lighting, or just a few hours? If these questions seem daunting, do not worry since the lighting company you use will take you through this process step by step.


Next, you will need to assess the actual lights. To evaluate your commercial solar parking lot lights, our engineers will take into account lighting indicators, lighting levels, and color temperature. These are all determined by the specifications you provided above and will determine the products used and installation process. Other key elements for optimizing parking lot lights include determining the quality and quantity of lights that fit your budget, the lighting uniformity of the lights once installed, and the distribution patterns, which is the density of each light in the parking lot. For example, the footprint on the ground is approximately 2.75 times wider than the mounting height, so make sure to ask your lighting specialist about this detail.


How Will Solar Parking Lot Lighting Work for You?


To make sure solar parking lot lights will be right for you, contact a commercial solar lighting supplier, and they will quote and design your project for no cost. This way, you can ensure that you are ready to take on this endeavor and go green with your parking lot. One of the best applications for solar lights is to use them for solar lighting retrofit projects. Installing our All-in-One series allows our customers to successfully replace old fixtures but keep the existing poles like in our retrofit project in Tarzana.


The ROI from installing a parking lot light is high due to a reduction in your operating cost and the social implications of joining the green movement by providing clean energy to your employees and customers. LED solar parking lot lights are the easiest and most efficient way to improve and modernize your property at a low cost.


Parking Lot Retrofit Project in Tarzana

This is a retrofit project that was performed in Tarzana, CA. The customer was greatly troubled by their existing lights which were consuming huge quantites of electricity while not providing sufficient light for their needs. They had to spend a lot on regular maintenance as well. Their bills were surmounting and thus a newer solar lighting system was needed, so they turned to Greenshine New Energy for their new solution. With our accurate calculation and simulation, unique design, and strictly-controlled manufacturing, they were able to fully solve all their pain points in a short period of time.

Our All-in-One Series solar lights successfully replaced the old fixtures and kept the existing poles. We were able to help the customer resolve the problems of dim light and waste of energy while largely reducing installation and maintenance costs.


Greenshine New Energy can provide engineering work for your specific project. Based on your brightness requirements and our own calculations, we can help you in designing the location and orientation of the solar light poles in order to achieve the best performances. Not only that, but we can ensure your energy bills are reduced so that you can focus your finances on more important things–like running your business. That’s just our nature here at Greenshine–helping people run their business while saving them money.


Solar Parking Lot Lighting Project in Grand Junction

This project was located at a Subaru dealership in Grand Junction, Colorado. For this particular project, our client was experiencing high electricity bills using High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights on his lot which are known to be very expensive. The owner of the lot wanted to make the switch to solar lighting not only to save money, but to help with the ongoing “green” movement in the city of Grand Junction. We first talked about retrofitting the existing poles, but were later advised that installing new poles was the best solution according to our client. 


We provided him with a mock 3D simulation and thermal rendering with our 80 watt LED system that we decided would fit best in his lot for the budget that he provided us with. Greenshine was able to amply light his lot with 9 solar lights due to proper planning and light location. The solar lights have also caught the attention of the city and have cause quite a bit of excitement around town. It seems like turning to solar is not only beneficial but popular among newer generations!


Greenshine New Energy can provide engineering work for your specific project. Based on your brightness requirements and our own calculations, we can help you in designing the location and orientation of the solar light poles in order to achieve the best performances. We’re in the solar business not only because it’s great for the environment, but because it makes people smile too. Perhaps that brings a new meaning to Greenshine–smiling faces, shining over a fantastic method of using the power of the sun.

Greenshine New Energy Celebrated Partnership at MSA 50th Annual Conference

Solar lighting equipment vendor Greenshine New Energy attended the MSA 50th Anniversary Conference and Equipment Show this month, celebrating partnerships with fellow MSA members.

Greenshine New Energy, the leading solar LED lighting equipment supplier headquartered in Lake Forest, CA, celebrated it’s partnerships at the MSA 50th Annual Training Conference and Equipment Show. The event was hosted from Oct 2nd to 5th at the Fantasy Springs Convention Center, Indio CA. Members from 10 chapters attended the show.  

 (Greenshine representative Heidi with the City of Sacramento)

“As the Preferred Solar Lighting Vendor, we have great partnerships with Superintendents from many municipalities and counties throughout California. Attending this important conference is a way to show our appreciation for their support.” said Heidi Emmert, Vice President of Greenshine New Energy, who represented the company and attended the conference.


(Left: Heidi from Greenshine with Rick DeSantiago from City of Lake Elsinore. Right: Heidi and Kevin King from the City of Orange)



“The city and county Superintendents have done an excellent job providing the most accessible and safe public infrastructure for their communities. We were honored to be invited to become a member after working closely with the City of Lake Elsinore on several solar LED lighting projects. We look forward to continuing this partnership and providing the best solar lighting solutions for the city.”

(With Scott Ryan, MSA President and Bill Copeland, 2018 Peter Walsh Award Recipient)

(Right: At the Gala after the show. MSA Inland Empire Hospitality Suite)


The MSA has provided a great platform for member vendors to connect with fellow MSA members, many of them have been members and exhibiting for decades. The close/tight relationship between the vendors and attendees grows stronger every year, building trust and respect.

During the conference, Greenshine New Energy showcased its latest solar technology and product applications including solar LED lights for parking lots, streets, pathways, and portable solar lighting system for temporary construction sites. In comparison with the traditional grid-tied option, solar LED lighting systems reduce the cost of trenching, wiring, running conduit, etc, making them a popular choice for new construction projects across the nation. As the country leap forward into renewable energy and green initiatives, like the California’s solar mandate on homes built after 2022, solar powered lighting will receive more attention and demand in years to come.

About Maintenance Superintendent Association

The Maintenance Superintendents Association (MSA) is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of the public. This is accomplished by fostering the dissemination of knowledge and experience pertaining to the operation and maintenance of public facilities among it’s membership. Memberships are comprised of public agency supervisors, superintendents, managers, directors, staff, salespersons, and vendors of equipment, materials and services. 

Solar lighting TML Conference

Greenshine New Energy will be the outdoor solar lighting exhibitor at the TML Show

As a leading solar lighting company, Greenshine New Energy is pleased to announce that we will be the exhibitor of The Texas Municipal League Annual Conference and Exhibition show. It is one of the nation’s largest gatherings of local government officials with around 3000 delegates from 300 cities attending this conference. The conference will be held from October 10-12, 2018 at the Fort Worth Convention Center, Texas. Topics include smart cities strategy, Economic Development, Renewable Energy etc.

Solar lighting TML Conference

At the conference, Greenshine will showcase our outdoor solar lighting products. Solar powered lights have always been considered the most cost-effective technology to light up the city. They preserve nature and reduce construction costs associated with trenching, running conduit, etc., making them a popular choice for new projects around the United States.

Greenshine looks forward to meeting and connecting with city department executives to figure out ways that can improve quality of lives of their citizens and tackle issues on illumination problems faced by Department of Public Works in the cities of Texas.

Our outdoor solar lighting specialists will lead the solar lighting exhibition and demonstrate various applications of our solar powered outdoor lights. Some of our lighting applications including outdoor sign lighting, parking lot lighting, street lighting, outdoor pathway lighting, etc will all be introduced in the exhibition. As a solar- powered lights manufacturing company, Greenshine is proud to assist city officials by providing a variety of lighting solutions to fit their needs– from the pathway, perimeter, monument to security lighting— to ensure the safety of city citizens and better serve the people in the local communities.

If you have any questions regards to solar lighting or needs assistance with your projects, feel free to contact us at 949-609-9636  or

solar lights power in the morning

Solar Lighting Basics

How Does Solar LIghting Work?

Solar lights at dawn

1 Dawn: 

The voltage from the solar panel raises and gets higher than it was during the night. When a certain voltage threshold is reached the controller will detect this and turn off the light. The battery will then being to charge itself from the discharge that occurred when it was powering the light.

solar lights at night

4 Night time: 

The voltage from the solar panel is lower than the pre-set value. After the controller recognizes this situation, the electricity is drawn from the charged battery and continuously powers the lamp fixture. The light will stay on all night until the sun rises and the cycle is completed.

solar lights power in the morning

2 Day time: 

Throughout the day the solar panels will convert the solar energy from the sun into electricity which will charge the battery. The intelligent solar controller charges the battery throughout the day and controls the current to ensure that the battery is not overcharged.

solar lights at dusk

3 Dusk: 

As the sun sets the photocell that is built into the panel will sense the voltage drop as the panels are no longer taking a charge. The battery has been charged throughout the day and is now ready to discharge and provide electricity for the lamp and turn it on. If there is inclement weather, there are at least three days backup for Greenshine’s system.


How to Size a Solar Lighting System

Sizing is a term used to describe the measurements and specifications of an off-grid solar lighting system, which is a system that is not connected to the main power grid. While this task may seem daunting as there are many details taken into account when sizing an off-grid system,  our expert team of engineers will provide these calculations for you. Here’s a brief outline on sizing a solar lighting system.


Unlike most grid-tied systems, solar powered systems are off-grid and naturally powered, which contributes several extra factors when sizing your system. Because there is not a one size fits all model to outdoor solar lighting, our engineers customize each project to your specifications. For example, we base our calculations on your specific location by longitude and latitude to understand the sun exposure in your area. Additionally, we base all of our estimations on the winter solstice, which is the worst case scenario for lighting projects. This ensures that you will still have light even when the least amount of sun is available in your area. In fact, our engineers have even optimized our lights to produce power in cold and snowy conditions for our Mammoth Lakes project.


There are four major steps to create your lighting system, including calculating the load estimation, solar panel amperage, the backup battery, and the inverter system.


Load Estimation


Load estimation refers to the total consumption of your solar system. When designing your solar lights, experts consider how much energy storage do you actually need in Amps at 12VDC. They figure how much total Watt per hour you need per day and multiply it by 1.3 to account for energy lost in the system.


Solar Panel Amperage


An important factor when designing your solar powered system is to figure out the amount of energy each solar panel produces. To do so, take the total Amps required and divide it by the amount of sun available. Then, add 20% extra as a safety net for days with less sunlight.


Amps Per Panel = (Total Amps/ Sunlight Per Day) X 1.2


Backup Battery


Since not all of us are blessed with bright and sunny skys everyday, a backup battery is essential when powering solar street lights. This battery should have a minimum of five nights of autonomy to ensure adequate lighting, with more nights available in the colder, northern regions.


To calculate your backup battery, simply multiply the total amps by the minimum amount of days required.




A solar inverter, or PV inverter, converts the energy generated by the solar panel into usable energy. Typically, inverters convert a direct current (DC) of the solar panel into an alternating current (AC), which can be fed into a commercial grid.


To make life simpler, our solar street lights do not include an inverter, as they are off the main grid system. Our team of engineers will ensure that you will have usable energy in the upcoming years when sizing a solar lighting system.


That’s It!


Once all these steps are completed, our engineers will continuously work with you to ensure your vision for your project becomes a reality. Greenshine will guide you through this process from start to finish to guarantee the best lighting solution possible. If you have more questions, feel free to check out our solar F&Q page or leave a comment below.

Meet the Team: Greenshine List of Upcoming Conferences 2018

Every year, Greenshine heads to multiple conferences across America so we can connect with more professionals to learn, improve, and grow to better suit the needs of our customers. Our team is always there to tell professionals about solar street lighting, our projects, and how solar lighting can used in their local communities.

Want to meet us in person? Here is a list of some of the upcoming trade shows we’re attending in 2018.

2018 Department of the Navy Gold Coast

When: August 6th-8th                                           Where: San Diego, CA

Come join us at the annual Department of the Navy Gold Coast event! The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) hosts the premier procurement conference in the county where they educate and assist both small and large businesses. As a former member of the United States Air Force, our DOD specialist Dave Beatty will be joining us to make meaningful connections at this event and provide the specialized lighting solutions that military might need to meet their green and sustainability initiative.

Public Works Exposition 2018

When: August 26th-28th                                       Where: Kansas City, MO

We are super excited to be attending the Public Works Exposition hosted by the American Public Works Association in Kansas City this year. This conference tackles issues the public works department faces and hosts both professional development and educational sessions for leaders in the industry. After partnering with several public work departments all over the country, Greenshine is very excited to meet more professionals in the industry and learn how we could better assist with your lighting needs.

2018 League of California Cities Annual Exposition

When: September 12th-13th                                  Where: Long Beach, CA

Located at the Long Beach convention center, this large event attracts city officials throughout California to learn about new legislative updates, debate issues, and vote on the League Resolutions. Greenshine is honored to attend this event and present our products as an environmentally friendly and responsible way to reduce pollution and preserve our surroundings at a low cost. We care deeply about the issues and are eager to learn more about how we can be of help in our local communities.

National Recreation and Park Association Annual Conference

When: September 25th-27th                                 Where: Indianapolis, IN

With over 8,000 park and recreation professionals in attendance, Indianapolis hosts the largest parks and recreation conference in America! It features educational sessions, networking events, and new product exhibitions in 11 different fields, including conservation, health, sports programming, and more. We are very excited to meet and network with professionals at this conference as our parks and pathway solar lighting perfectly complements the natural environment and provides an ecologically friendly way to enjoy parks and trailways at night.

2018 Texas Municipal League Annual Conference

When: October 10th-12th                                      Where: Fort Worth, TX

Join us at the TML Annual Conference and Exhibition this year! As one of the largest gathering of local government officials., this conference allows leaders to network and discuss the issues in their cities, making decisions that will impact thousands of lives. Greenshine wants to assist these leaders by providing a various array of lighting solutions to fit their needs– from pathway to perimeter to security lighting– to ensure the safety of their citizens and better serve the people in their local communities.