Which Industries Can Benefit From Solar?

solar panels on the roof - industrial solar streetSolar technology is continually adopting and evolving to support businesses in all their efforts. With modernization, tax incentives, and falling costs, many businesses are taking advantage of solar energy and reaping the benefits. Apart from solar panels on rooftops and solar street lights, many unexpected industries can utilize solar power systems to grow their business, including the manufacturing, commercial, and agricultural industry.


Manufacturing companies are the ideal candidates to implement a solar energy system. They usually operate in large buildings with lots of roof space that can be put into use. These expansive open areas are perfect for setting up solar panels. Plants are typically situated far from tall buildings and the clusters of skyscrapers in city centers. This means they can benefit from extended periods of unimpeded sunlight. The more sunlight the panels capture, the more electricity they can produce.

The rooftops are not the only location where solar panels can be installed. Industrial solar street lights and parking lot lighting will keep the area well-lit and contribute to lowering electricity bills. Manufacturers’ overall energy consumption contributes to higher costs and greater pollution and the manufacturing process generally uses a considerable amount of electricity, making solar a perfect fit for their energy needs.


Commercial companies, such as department stores or business offices, will also see a high return on investment. As demand for power and energy costs rise, buildings of high energy efficiency with integrated renewable energy technology will become highly sought after.

With increased resale value, available rebates, and production incentives, embracing solar energy is an excellent investment for commercial and industrial electricity users. California is the state with the most programs for going green in the commercial sector. Commercial businesses can use their vacant rooftop space to unlock the huge potential of solar energy, as it will save businesses thousands of dollars over time on electricity costs.


Farms and rural businesses use tremendous amounts of electricity, but fail to realize the potential impact of solar’s cost-effective solutions on their rooftop space.

Solar systems are reliable, durable and have low maintenance requirements. Businesses may wonder if the installation cost is too high. Though the initial investment can be sizable, solar systems are now more affordable than ever.

The government has encouraging measures and tax incentives to support businesses that invest in a solar energy system. The USDA Renewable Energy for America Program (REAP) provides an amazing opportunity for farms and rural businesses.

If they want to install renewable energy systems or make energy efficiency improvements, agricultural producers and rural small business can see if they are eligible for grants from USDA and attempt to get the maximum grant amount for their solar projects.